Star Wars Orders of Magnitude

The list below features all relevant uses of terms like "dozen", "hundred", "thousand", "million", et cetera in the lesser canon of Star Wars (not including the radio dramas).  Some fo the notations are more interesting than others, to be sure, but all serve to give an impression of the usual orders of magnitude one finds in Star Wars.   Given that some folks like to throw around orders of magnitude that are far larger than what is seen in the canon, this sort of thing can be helpful in establishing the proper scale of the SW universe.

N.B. - The list below is separated by episode, with script information coming first followed by novel information.   Since all the novelizations are based on the scripts, repetition is inevitable.  Also, paragraph breaks may not appear where they should within a block of text. Since it would take as long to fix it as it took to find the quotes to begin with, I'm just not going to worry about it.

On with the show:

[...] Naboo, which is surrounded by hundreds of Trade Federation battleships.

TPM Script

Thousands of BATTLE DROIDS are loading onto landing craft.

QUI-GON: Battle droids.

OBI-WAN: It's an invisible army.

TPM Script


An EXTREME HIGH WIDE ANGLE reveals a vast arena in the Tatooine desert. A large semi-circular amphitheatre that holds at least a hundred thousand people dominates the landscape. Large viewing platforms loom over the racetrack.

TPM Script

The Senate chambers are huge. Thousands of SENATORS and their AIDES sit in the circular assembly area. CHANCELLOR VALORUM sits in an elevated area in the center. Hundreds of AIDES and DROIDS hurry about.

TPM Script

CAPT. PANAKA: Almost everyone's in camps. A few hundred police and guards have formed an underground movement. I brought as many of the leaders as I could. The Federation Army's also much larger than we thought, and much stronger. Your Highness, this is a battle I do not think we can win.

TPM Script

The GUNGAN ARMY heads out of the swamp and onto the rolling grassy hills.

HUNDREDS OF GUNGAN WARRIORS march in on lines toward the horizon.

TPM Script

The BATTLE DROIDS reconfigure into their standing position. The GUNGANS get ready for an attack. OOM-9 gives the command to move forward, and THOUSANDS OF DROIDS march toward the GUNGANS.

TPM Script

OOM-9 decides to send in the WHEEL DROIDS and gives the signal. HUNDREDS OF WHEEL DROIDS roll out of the transports and head down toward the battle.

TPM Script

NUTE: Don't be absurd. There are too few of you. It won't be long before hundreds of destroyer droids break in to rescue us.

TPM Script

In the time of Qui-Gon Jinn, ten thousand Jedi Knights in service to the Republic carried on the struggle each day of their lives in a hundred thousand different worlds spread across a galaxy so vast it could barely be comprehended.

TPM Ch. 3

The transports were large boot-shaped vehicles with bulbous noses. The doors that formed those noses gaped open, racks were extended, and thousands of sleek silvery shapes were marching inside in perfect formation to be secured. "Battle droids," Qui-Gon said softly. There was surprise and dismay in his deep voice. "It's an invasion army," Obi-Wan said. They continued to watch for a time, taking in the scene, counting transports and droids as they filled the half- dozen landing craft, taking measure of the size of the army.

TPM Ch. 3

"Oh, well, Master Anakin, I'm flattered that you would ask, but I would never presume to infringe on your expertise, my own being so meager, although I do have knowledge of some fifty-one hundred different varieties of droids and over five thousand different internal processors and ten times that many chips and..."

TPM Ch. 6

Over a hundred thousand beings had filled the Podracer arena by midmorning, jamming into the grandstand seats, crowding onto the broad viewing platforms, filling the available space.

TPM Ch. 12

The Queen's transport slowed now, edging its way out of the traffic lane, onto a landing dock that floated near a cluster of huge buildings. Anakin peered down doubtfully. They were several hundred stories up, hundreds and hundreds of meters in the air. He tore his gaze away, swallowing hard.

TPM Ch. 16

Panaka shook his head. "Most of our people are in the detention camps. A few hundred officers and guards have formed an underground movement to resist the invasion. I've brought as many of the leaders as I could find."

TPM Ch. 19

Then the Gungan army surfaced in a rippling of murky water and a stream of bubbles, lop-eared heads popping up like corks, - first one, then another, and finally hundreds and eventually thousands.

TPM Ch. 20

But now the tanks and STAPs withdrew, and the massive transports advanced to the fore. The rounded-nose doors opened, widening to reveal a cluster of racks mounted within. The racks rolled forward on long rails, revealing row after row of battle droids neatly folded up and suspended on hooks. When the racks were fully extended, they began to lower and separate outward, filling the open space in front of the transports with thousands of droids.

TPM Ch. 20

There is unrest in the Galactic Senate several hundred solar systems have declared their intentions to leave the Republic.

AoTC Script

OBI-WAN flies through the glass window and flings himself at the PROBE DROID, grabbing onto the deadly machine before it can flee. The PROBE DROID sinks under the weight of OBI WAN but manages to stay afloat and fly away, with the Jedi hanging on for dear life, a hundred stories above the city.

AoTC Script

You will be delighted to hear we are on schedule. Two hundred thousand units are ready, with another million well on the way.

AoTC Script

OBI-WAN, LAMA SU and TAUN WE come out onto a balcony. Below is a huge parade ground. The rain and wind are brutal. THOUSANDS OF CLONE TROOPERS, faces covered by helmets, are marching and drilling in formations of several hundred.

AoTC Script

LAMA SU: Oh yes, it's essential. Otherwise, a mature clone would take a lifetime to grow. Now, we can do it in half the time. Those items you saw on the parade ground were started ten years ago, when Sifo-Dyas first placed the order, and they're already mature.


LAMA SU conducts OBI-WAN through a large eating area. TAUN WE follows as they walk by HUNDREDS OF CLONES who look exactly alike, all about twenty years old, dressed in black. They are seated at tables, eating.

AoTC Script

QUEEN JAMILLIA: How many systems have joined Count Dooku and the separatists?

PADMÉ: Thousands. And more are leaving the Republic every day. If the Senate votes to create an army, I'm sure it's going to push us into a civil war.

AoTC Script

SLOW PAN with the binoculars, and suddenly a line of Battle Starships come into view. OBI-WAN touches the viewfinder. Between fifty and a hundred Federation Starships are in neat rows. Some are on platforms that are carrying the Starships down to an underground facility. Other platforms are rising to the surface. They carry THOUSANDS of BATTLE DROIDS that step off and file into waiting ships. A fully loaded Starship takes off. OBI-WAN swings the binoculars upward, to see more Trade Federation Starships.

AoTC Script

COUNT DOOKU: As I explained to you earlier, I'm quite convinced that ten thousand more systems will rally to our cause with your support, gentlemen. And let me remind you of our absolute commitment to capitalism... of the lower taxes, the reduced tariffs, and the eventual abolition of all trade barriers. Signing this treaty will bring you profits beyond your wildest imagination. What we are proposing is completely free trade. (looks at Nute) Our friends in the Trade Federation have pledged their support. When their Battle Droids are combined with yours, we shall have an army greater than anything in the galaxy, The Jedi will be overwhelmed. The Republic will agree to any demands me make.

AoTC Script

YODA: Throughout the galaxy, thousands of Jedi there are. To send on a special mission, only two hundred are available.

AoTC Script

COUNT DOOKU: The dark side of the Force has clouded their vision, my friend. Hundreds of Senators are now under the influence of a Sith Lord called Darth Sidious.

AoTC Script

MACE WINDU signals, and at strategic places around the arena there are sudden flashes of light as about ONE HUNDRED JEDI switch on their lightsabers. The crowd is suddenly silent. COUNT DOOKU's lips curl in slight amusement.

AoTC Script

COUNT DOOKU signals. THOUSANDS OF DROIDS start to pour into all parts of the arena.

AoTC Script

KI-ADI-MUNDI and the SURVIVORS from the raiding party are herded into the arena by SUPER BATTLE DROIDS. From the encircling tiers above, THOUSANDS OF BATTLE DROIDS level their weapons menacingly.

AoTC Script

The massed lines of parked Trade Federation Starships and the DROIDS surrounding the arena, are themselves surrounded by thousands of Republic Starships, disgorging TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CLONE TROOPERS. Beyond, more Republic Starships are landing and spewing out troops.

AoTC Script

TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CLONE TROOPS are drawn up in strict formation or move forward in neat files to climb the ramps of the Military Assault Ships.

AoTC Script

The Republic was built on tolerance. It was a vast network of tens of thousands of systems, and even more species, each with a distinct perspective.

AoTC Ch. 2

One of the starfighters led the procession, veering around and about nearly every passing tower, running point for the second ship, the Naboo Royal Cruiser. Behind that larger craft came two more fighters, running swift and close to the Royal Cruiser, shielding her, pilots ready to instantly intercept any threat. The lead fighter avoided the more heavily trafficked routes of the great city, where potential enemies might be flying within the cover of thousands of ordinary vehicles.

AoTC Ch. 4

A significant number of those platforms stood empty now, because of the separatist movement. Several thousand systems had joined in with Count Dooku over the last couple of years to secede from a Republic that had, in their eyes, grown too ponderous to be effective, a claim that even the staunchest supporters of the Republic could not completely dispute.

Still, with this most important vote scheduled, the walls of the circular room echoed, hundreds and hundreds of voices chattering all at once, expressing emotions from anger to regret to determination.

AoTC Ch. 5

"Thousands of systems have gone over fully to the separatists, and many more may soon join them. The Jedi are our--" AoTC Ch. 5

The massive towers of the Republic Executive Building loomed above it all, seeming as if they would reach the very heavens. And that seemed fitting indeed, for inside, even at this early hour, the events and participants took on godlike stature to the trillions of common folk of the Republic.

AoTC Ch. 5

Clad in gray armor that was somewhat outdated, burned from countless blaster shots, but still undeniably effective, the bounty hunter stood easily on the ledge, a hundred stories and more up from the Coruscant street. His helmet, too, was gray, except for a blue ridge crossing his eyes and running down from brow to chin. His perch seemed somewhat precarious, considering the wind at this height, but to one as agile and skilled as Jango, and with a penchant for getting himself into and out of difficult places, this was nothing out of the ordinary.

Right on time, a speeder pulled up near the ledge and hovered there, Jango's associate, Zam Wesell, nodded to him and climbed out, stepping lithely onto the ledge in front of a couple of bright advertisement windows.

AoTC Ch. 7

Obi-Wan leapt into the blinds, taking them with him right through the window, shattering the glass. He reached into the Force as he leapt, using it to extend his jump, to send him far through the air to catch hold of the retreating droid assassin. With his added weight, the floating droid sank considerably, but it compensated and stabilized quickly, leaving the Jedi hanging on to it a hundred stories up.

AoTC Ch. 8

Obi-Wan screamed as he dropped... ten stories... twenty. There was nothing in his Jedi repertoire to save him this time. He looked all about frantically, but there was nothing--no handholds, no platform, no awning of thick and padded cloth.

Nothing. Just another five hundred stories to the ground!

AoTC Ch. 8

Obi-Wan had to disguise a chuckle as a cough. After all, hadn't he been the one who had leapt out through a window a hundred stories above the streets of Coruscant?

AoTC Ch. 8

Anakin stood quietly in the Jedi Council chamber, encircled by the Masters of the Order. Beside him stood Obi-Wan, his Master, but not one of _the_ Masters. Obi-Wan, like the majority of the ten thousand Jedi, was a Knight, but these select few sitting around the edges of this room were Masters, the highest-ranking members of this Order.

AoTC Ch. 9

Jango looked back at Boba, one of his thousands of children, but the only one who was a perfect clone, an exact replica with no genetic manipulation to make him more obedient. And the only one who hadn't been artificially aged. The group that had been created beside Boba had all reached maturity now, were adult warriors, in perfect health.

AoTC Ch. 10

The industrial sector of Coruscant held perhaps the greatest freight docks in all the galaxy, with a line of bulky transports coming in continually, huge floating cranes ready to meet them and unload the millions of tons of supplies necessary to keep alive the city-planet, which long ago had become too populous to support itself thr ough its own resources. The efficiency of these docks was nothing short of amazing, and yet the place was still tumultuous, and sometimes gridlocked by the sheer number of docking ships and floating cranes.

This was also a place for living passengers, the peasantry of Coruscant, catching cheap rides on freighters outbound, thousands and thousands of people looking to escape the sheer frenzy that had become the world.

AoTC Ch. 10

"How many systems have joined Count Dooku and the separatists?" Queen Jamillia asked bluntly. She had never been one for small talk.

"Thousands," Padm answered. "And more are leaving the Republic every day. If the Senate votes to create an army, I'm sure it's going to push us into civil war."

AoTC Ch. 12

He had visited hundreds of worlds in his life, but viewing a place as strange and beautiful as Tipoca City only reminded him that there were thousands and thousands more yet to see, too many for any one person to visit even if he did nothing else for the entirety of his life. (re: Obi-Wan)

AoTC Ch. 15

Two hundred thousand units are ready, with another million well on the way.

AoTC Ch. 15

"You mentioned growth acceleration--"

"Oh yes, it's essential," the Prime Minister replied. "Otherwise a mature clone would take a lifetime to grow. Now we can do it in half the time. The units you will soon see on the parade ground we started ten years ago, when Sifo-Dyas first placed the order, and they're already mature and quite ready for duty."

"And these were started about five years ago?" the Jedi reasoned, and Lama Su nodded.

"Would you care to inspect the final product now?" the Prime Minister asked, and Obi-Wan could hear excitement in his voice. Clearly he was proud of this accomplishment. "I would like your approval before you take delivery."

The callousness of it all struck Obi-Wan profoundly. _Units. Final product._ These were living beings they were talking about. Living, breathing, and thinking. To create clones for such a singular purpose, under such control, even stealing half their childhood for efficiency, assaulted his sense of right and wrong, and the fact that a Jedi Master had begun all of this was almost too much to digest.

AoTC Ch. 16

The culmination came later on, when Taun We rejoined the pair on a balcony, sheltered from the brutal wind and rain and overlooking a huge parade ground. Below them, thousands and thousands of clone troopers, dressed in white armor and wearing full-face helmets, marched and drilled with all the precision of programmed droids. Entire formations, each made up of hundreds of soldiers, moved as one.

AoTC Ch. 16

"Yes, Master," Obi-Wan said. "Prime Minister Lama Su has informed me that the first battalion of clone troopers are ready for delivery. He also wanted me to remind you that if we require more--and they've another million well on the way to completion--it will take more time to grow them."

"A million clone warriors?" Mace Windu asked in disbelief.

"Yes, Master. They say Master Sifo-Dyas placed the order for the clone army almost ten years ago. I was under the impression he was killed before that. Did the Council ever authorize the creation of a clone army?"

AoTC Ch. 18

Trade Federation starships, scores of them, lined the region, settled on platforms. The Jedi watched in amazement as another platform rose beside one ship and thousands of Battle Droids stepped off it and into the vessel, which then lifted away.

And was quickly replaced by another starship, settling down on the platform.

Another platform rose to the side, and again, thousands of droids stepped off to board the waiting starship, and that one, now filled with droid soldiers, lifted away.

AoTC Ch. 19

"As I explained to you earlier, I'm quite convinced that ten thousand more systems will rally to our cause with your support," the Count said. "And let me remind you of our absolute commitment to capitalism... to the lower taxes, the reduced tariffs, and the eventual abolition of all trade barriers. Signing this treaty will bring you profits beyond your wildest imagination. What we are proposing is complete free trade." He looked to Nute Gunray, who nodded.

AoTC Ch. 19

"Thank you, Jar Jar," Palpatine politely replied, and turned to Yoda. "Master Yoda, how many Jedi are available to go to Geonosis?"

"Throughout the galaxy, thousands of Jedi there are," the diminutive Jedi Master replied. "To send on a special mission, only two hundred are available."

AoTC Ch. 22

He was in group of drilling battle droids, a dozen lines of twenty in a rectangular formation, going through the extensive programming testing before being herded onto great landing pads to be scooped up by Trade Federation warships. (12 x 20 = 240)

AoTC Ch. 22

"Sorry to disappoint you, Dooku," Mace coolly replied. "This party's over." With that, the Jedi Master gave a quick salute with his glowing lightsaber, the prearranged signal, and then brought the blade back in close to Jango Fett. All about the stadium came a sudden and synchronized flash of lights as a hundred Jedi Knights ignited their lightsabers.

The crowd went perfectly silent.

After a moment's reflection, Count Dooku turned about just a bit, looking back at Mace Windu out of the corner of his eye. "Brave, but foolish, my old Jedi friend. You're impossibly outnumbered."

"I don't think so," Mace countered. "The Geonosians aren't warriors. One Jedi has to be worth a hundred Geonosians."

Count Dooku glanced about the stadium, his smile widening. "It wasn't the Geonosians I was thinking about. How well do you think one Jedi will match up against a thousand battle droids?"

He had timed it perfectly. Just as he finished, a line of battle droids came down the corridor behind Mace Windu, their lasers firing. The Jedi reacted at once, spinning about and flashing his lightsaber to deflect the many bolts, turning them back on his attackers. He knew that these few droids were the least of his troubles, though, for as he glanced around he saw the source of Dooku's confidence thousands of battle droids rolling along every ramp, in the stands and out into the arena below.

AoTC Ch. 23

Mace could hardly believe the incredible sight unfolding before him, as thousands of Republic ships rushed down on the assembled fleet of the Trade Federation, dropping tens of thousands of clone troopers to the surface of the planet.

AoTC Ch. 23

Gunships screamed left and right, trading fire with laser cannon emplacements. On the ground, thousands of clone troopers battled the droids, and it was already becoming apparent that these new soldiers were indeed superior. One against one, a battle droid was nearly a match for a clone trooper, and a super battle droid even more than a match. But in groups and formations, the improvisation of the clone troopers, reacting to the fast-changing battleground and following the relayed orders of their Jedi commander, was quickly giving them all of the best vantage points, all the high ground and the most defensible positions.

AoTC Ch. 24

Senator Bail Organa and Mas Amedda flanked Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as he stood on the balcony, overlooking the deployment of the Republic army. Below them, tens of thousands of clone troopers marched about in tight formations, an orderly procession that brought them in files ascending the landing ramps of the huge military assault ships.

AoTC Epilogue

This half-living creature is a slaughterer of billions. Whole planets haveburned at his command. He is the evil genius of the Confederacy. The architect of their victories.

The author of their atrocities.

RoTS Introduction

R2-D2 twittered, and Anakin checked his console readout. "We've got him, Master. The cruiser dead ahead. That's Grievous's flagship —- Invisible Hand.''

"Anakin, there are dozens of cruisers dead ahead!"

RoTS Ch. 1

They flashed through the battle, dodging flak and turbolaser bolts, slipping around cruisers to eclipse themselves from thesensors of droid fighters. They were only a few dozen kilometersfrom the command cruiser when a pair of tri-fighters whippedacross their path, firing on the deflection.

RoTS Ch. 1

The dayside surface of the capital planet was shrouded in smoke from a million fires touched off by meteorite impacts of ship fragments; far too many had fallen to be tracked and destroyed by the planet's surface-defense umbrella. The nightside's sheet of artificial lights faded behind the red-white glow fromcraters of burning steel; each impact left a caldera of unimaginable death. In the skies of Coruscant now, the important vessels were no longer warships, but were instead the fire-suppression and rescue craft that crisscrossed the planet.

RoTS Ch. 7

We love each other, and we are married. Just like trillions of beings across the galaxy. This is something we should shout,not whisper—

RoTS Ch. 9

Leaning on the night-chilled rail, Anakin stared out upon the endless nightscape of Coruscant.

It was still burning.

Coruscant at night had always been an endless galaxy oflight, shining from trillions of windows in billions of buildings that reached kilometers into the sky, with navigation lights and advertising and the infinite streams of speeders' running lights coursing the rivers of traffic lanes overhead. But tonight, local power outages had swallowed ragged swaths of the city into vast nebulae of darkness, broken only by the malignant red-dwarf glares of innumerable fires.

RoTS Ch. 9

The Jedi Temple was the greatest nexus of Force energy inthe Republic; its ziggurat design focused the Force the way a lightsaber's gemstone focused its energy stream. With the thousands of Jedi and Padawans within it every day contemplating peace, seeking knowledge, and meditating on justice and surrender to the will of the Force, the Temple was a fountain of the light.

RoTS Ch. 10

He stared up in disbelief at one of the huge holoprojected Proclamation Boards; these had recently been installed above the concourse to keep the thousands of Senators up to the momenton news of the war, and on the Chancellor's latest executive orders.

RoTS Ch. 11

"Anakin, hundreds of thousands of beings are dying everyday!"

RoTS Ch. 12

"When you present the Petition of the Two Thousand, many things may change."
(i.e. 2000 Senators)

RoTS Ch. 13

So Padme had been entertaining other visitors, too.

From a pocket on his equipment belt he pulled a flimsi ofPalpatine's list of suspect Senators. He scanned down the list,looking for names of Senators he knew well enough that hemight recognize the Force-echoes of their presence here. Manyhe'd never heard of; there were thousands of Senators, after all.

RoTS Ch. 14

He was going in alone; Commander Cody and three batallionsof troopers waited in rapid-deployment vehicles —- LAAT/i's and Jadthu- class landers —- just over the horizon. Obi-Wan's planwas to pinpoint Grievous's location, then keep the bio-droid general busy until the clones could attack; he would be a one-man diversionary force, holding the attention of what was sure to be thousands or tens of thousands of combat droids directed inward toward him and Grievous, to cover the approach of theclones. Two battalions would strike full-force, with the third in reserve, both to provide reinforcements and to cover possible escape routes.

RoTS Ch. 15

"The tenth level —- thousands of war droids —- /tens/ of thousands!"

RoTS Ch. 15

Grievous tilted his head so that he could squint down into Obi-Wan's face. "I have /thousands/ of troops. You cannot defeat them all."

RoTS Ch. 15

"Look out there, Anakin. A trillion beings on this planet alone — in the galaxy as awhole, uncounted quadrillions — and of them all, I have chosen you,Anakin Skywalker, to be the heir to my power. To all that I am."

RoTS Ch. 15

He didn't understand why people didn't just get out of his way. He didn't understand how the trillion beings who jammed Galactic City could go about their trivial business as though the universe hadn't changed. How could they think they counted for anything, compared with him?

RoTS Ch. 15

"General? We do still have a little problem out here. About ten thousand heavily armed little problems, actually."
"On my way. Kenobi out." Obi-Wan sighed and clambered painfully onto the dragonmount's saddle.

RoTS Ch. 15

Jurokk looked past him now. The night beyond the Temple was full of clones. Battalions of them. Brigades. Thousands.

RoTS Ch. 17

Thousands of clone troops swarmed the Jedi Temple. Multiple battalions on each level were not just an occupying force, but engaged in the long, painstaking process of preparing dead bodies for positive identification. The Jedi dead were to be tallied against the rolls maintained in the Temple archives; the clone dead would be cross-checked with regimental rosters. All the dead had to be accounted for.

RoTS Ch. 19

Every few dozen meters, he paused just long enough to slash ahole in the accessway's wall; once his pursuers got past the cables, they would have to divide their forces to search each of his possible exits.

But he knew they could afford to; there were thousands of them.

RoTS Ch. 20

As the fighters move closer to the Death Star, the awesome size of the gargantuan Imperial fortress is revealed. Half of the deadly space station is in shadow and this area sparkles with thousands of small lights running in thin lines and occasionally grouped in large clusters; somewhat like a city at night as seen from a weather satellite.

ANH Script

A thousand lights glow across the dark grey expanse of the huge station.

ANH Script

The tridimensional solid screen filled one wall of the vast chamber from floor to ceiling. It showed a million star systems. A tiny portion of the galaxy, but an impressive display nonetheless when exhibited in such a fashion.

ANH Ch. 6

This station is the final link in the new-forged Imperial chain which will bind the million systems of the galactic Empire together once and for all. Your petty Alliance will no longer be of any concern to us.

ANH Ch. 7

Dodonna was about to reply, but held his words as more critical ones sounded over the speaker.
"Close it up, Wedge," Luke was saying, thousands of kilometers away. "Biggs, where are you?"

ANH Ch. 12

The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding young Skywalker, has dispatched thousands of remote probes into the far reaches of space...

TESB Script

OZZEL (irritated) We have thousands of probe droids searching the galaxy. I want proof, not leads!

TESB Script

"We have had thousands of probe droids searching the galaxy," Ozzel broke in angrily. "I want proof, not leads. I don't intend to continue to chase around from one side of—"

TESB Ch. 3

The surrounding area, deserted before, is now crowded with two-legged Imperial walkers and hundreds of Imperial troops. The situation looks hopeless.

RoTJ Script

All hell breaks loose as hundreds of Ewoks throw their fuzzy bodies into the fray against the assembled stormtroopers and their awesome two-legged walkers.

RoTJ Script

When he entered the docking bay, thousands of Imperial troops snapped to attention with a momentous clap. The shuttle came to rest on the pod. Its ramp lowered like a dragon jaw, and the Emperor's royal guard ran down, red robes flapping, as if they were licks of flame shooting out the mouth to herald the angry roar.

RoTJ Ch. 3

In a remote and midnight vacuum beyond the edge of the galaxy, the vast Rebel fleet stretched, from its vanguard to its rear echelon, past the range of human vision. Corellian battle ships, cruisers, destroyers, carriers, bombers, Sullustain cargo freighter, Calamarian tankers, Alderaanian gunships, Kesselian blockade runners, Bestinian skyhoppers, X-wing, Y-wing, and A-wing fighters, shuttles, transport vehicles, manowars. Every Rebel in the galaxy, soldier and civilian alike, waited tensely in these ships for instructions. They were led by the largest of the Rebel Star Cruisers, the Headquarters Frigate.

Hundreds of Rebel commanders, of all species and lifeforms, assembled in the war room of the giant Star Cruiser, awaiting orders from the High Command.

RoTJ Ch. 4

Mon Mothma went underground. She joined her political cells with the thousands of guerrillas and insurgents the Empire's cruel dictatorship had spawned. Thousands more joined this Rebel Alliance.

RoTJ Ch. 4

The bridge of the Star Destroyer was a hive of activity. Messengers ran back and forth along a string of controllers studying their tracking screens, monitoring ingress and egress of vehicles through the deflector shield. Codes were sent and received, orders given, diagrams plotted. It was an operation involving a thousand scurrying ships, and everything was proceeding with maximum efficiency, until Controller Jhoff made the shield from Sector Seven.

RoTJ Ch. 4

Han and Leia spun around to find dozens of Imperial guns trained on them; an entire legion had been hiding in the wall compartments of the bunker. Now, in a single moment, the Rebels were surrounded—nowhere to run, far too many stormtroopers to fight.

RoTJ Ch. 7

A thousand deadly dogfights and cannon bombardments were erupting all over the skies, while the Death Star laser beam methodically disintegrated the Rebel ships.

RoTJ Ch. 8

With little else to lose, Ackbar decided to try Calrissian's strategy.  In the next minutes, dozens of Rebel Cruisers moved in astronomically close to the Imperial Star Destroyers—and the colossal antagonists began blasting away at each other, like tanks at twenty paces, while hundreds of tiny fighters raced across their surfaces, zipping between laser bolts as they chased around the massive hulls.

RoTJ Ch. 8

Hundreds of them, in white or black armor—some standing at ease, some viewing the scene from atop their two-legged walkers, some leaning on their speeder bikes. If the situation had appeared hopeless inside the bunker, it looked even worse now.

RoTJ Ch. 8

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