Upcoming Projects List

(Updated 06-16-04)

In rough, vague, ill-defined order :

Cancelled:   The Section 31 Project.    
(I was unable to devote adequate time to the conversion of VX's MS Word files that existed even before the project began, and his output of new material was impressive.   Seriously, the guy is a machine.   A compromise was in the works, but happily VX has found someone capable of devoting the proper amount of time to the project, and it will be housed elsewhere.  A link will be offered when that's available.)

Getting around to it:    To Russia, With Love  . . . with the brief reappearance of Stas recently, I've got new incentive to finish this.

Partially Complete:  The Wong Debate - analysis and commentary.

The final word on Imperial shuttle scaling

Starfleet shuttle crash analyses . . . be it the Delta Flyer slamming into the ground and being buried beneath a kilometer of rock, or shuttles dropping out of the sky at Mach 2.5 and barely suffering a scratch, shuttles are tough little cookies.

Analysis of "The Siege of AR-558"

SW Asteroid Page update - long overdue

The Novelisations Project (in progress for ANH)

Naboo Fighters . . . they can be brought down by wimpy tanks, and even their largest weapons are ridiculously puny.  Will feature a comparison to Droid Fighters, and the combat between the Jedi Fighter and Slave I in AoTC.

Analysis of the exact number of ships of Death Squadron (i.e. the "just how many ships were at Hoth" page).  The fleet scene prior to their departure for Hoth appears to show more than five Star Destroyers.

In looking over the Overview, I noticed that I didn't really have anything on shield dissipation limits, and that I don't have any dedicated articles on starship phaser firepower.  I'll get to work on these as soon as possible.

Finishing all those "Unfinished page, up for reference" pages . . .

Revising the "Balance of Terror" page to include firepower

Taking a look at the ISD explosion from RoTJ.  (Movie available from the "unfinished" section)

Rewrite the Power Generation page. It's got no flow.

Starfleet General Order 24 and "The Die is Cast"[DS9] - BDZs are for wussies.  (Off to an unexpected start thanks to the BoB)

Trek Acceleration - "Peak Performance"[TNG] and the Kumeh Maneuver (I've obtained some lovely screenshots from G. Kennedy, so hopefully I can get to this soon.) (note 6-16-04 . . . I said that last parenthetical bit approximately 50,000 years ago.  But really, I do intend to get around to it.)

Dispelling this "Feds = Commies" crap.

A closer look at the Tac-Fighters

Close Look at the Asteroid Hit from AoTC - "Your Kung-Fu is Weak."

Close Look at the Galaxy Size from AoTC

Specific comparisons . . . TIEs vs. Peregrines, ISDs vs. GCSs, the ever-popular (if uneven) "Battle of the Flying Saucers" (Defiant vs. Millennium Falcon), and so on.

Always in progress:  General design improvements and continued learning of HTML minutiae.  I especially want to try to add more internal links for ease of reference, a la http://www.st-v-sw.net/STSWcompare.html#Fighters from the big giant page.
(And as you might note if using Internet Exploder, I've been trying to add a touch of color here and there.  It is with a note of sadness that I have abandoned exclusive use of Pico and Notepad for the creation of the site . . . I feel a bit dirty inside (and probably have the sloppy code to match), but the site is much nicer-looking now.)