Wild Shots and Bad Editing

Trekmiss, Part II - The Parody

Way back when, Wayne Poe of UVD created a silly video of various vidcaps of various Star Trek ships (Federation and alien) appearing to miss their apparent targets.  The claim usually made to justify the existence of the poorly edited video is that Evil Trekkies™ were claiming one hundred percent accuracy for Federation weapons, a claim conspicuously absent from any pro-Trek debater I've ever encountered.

As expected, a recent thread on the subject of the new .avi version of the video produced claims that Star Wars accuracy was better than that of Trek, since Poe's video showed various examples of Trek misses culled from the many series and hours of ST.

In response, I present:

ANHmiss.avi   (DivX5, ~9mb)
(For best results, right-click and save-as.)

It is, for all practical purposes, a mirror of Poe's work, down to the use of a silly and poorly-synched soundtrack. By showing various examples of SW misses culled from just one two-hour block of Star Wars, I should hope that peculiar claims about Star Wars targeting accuracy do not last long.

(Editorial note: I'd have used more examples from ANH and other films, but I simply didn't have enough music.)