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3.  What overall tone do you prefer for the site?

59% -  Courtesy and professionalism toward opponents and their theories
12% -  Stick it to them hardcore, where it hurts, and sign your name on it.
21% -  Make the main pages courteous, save the beatings for site attack responses and such
 8% -  Seat of my pants (aka 'the way it is now'): just doing it the way I feel like doing it at the time
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Well, that was a pretty solid poll result, with almost 60% suggesting that I try to be nice.  Though I consider that a valid result, I think I'll be aiming for the third option . . . though I'll try to keep it as nice as possible.   It isn't that I am casually ignoring the preferences of my readers.   Instead, I simply feel that a spade is a spade and should be treated accordingly . . . especially if the proverbial spade is screaming "HEY, LOOK AT ME, I AM A SPADE!  YOU MAY RECOGNIZE ME FROM THE PROVERBIAL PROVERB!"

2.  What do you think this site needs the most?

27%  -  Update the older pages
27%  -  A new index page format
27%  -  Message board
2%  -  Chat room
17%  -  Naked pictures of Natalie Portman (Amidala)
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Well, I wasn't sure what to expect with this one.   I certainly didn't expect a three-way that didn't involve Natalie Portman.  (Insert gratuitous Beavis and Butthead laughter.)
Given the tie, I'll probably start with the update to older pages . . . something I've been meaning to do for awhile (but which is easily forgotten when I see something new that needs a page done on it!).   If nothing else, the updates will make life easier when the message board comes along.   

1. Should I add surveys to the site? Y'know, besides this one.

30.5%  -  Yes.
  3.4%  -  No.
  9.3%  -  Yes, but this type is ugly.
50.9%  -  Bugger off.
  5.9%  -  No, but I agree that this type is kinda ugly.
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Poll closed now that the Warsies have found it, offering fifty responses of "bugger off" in one day, right in line with my expectations.  :-)   The clear majority prior to that was in favor of "Yes".