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When faced with such extraordinary destructive might as is exhibited by the Death Stars, many are left thunderstruck.   Finding the scale of the prime weapons of the Death Stars incomprehensible, many don't even try to comprehend them.  However, during 2002 careful research commenced, the first such research to have been performed since the advent of the Special Editions of the films.   The canon, subjected to withering scrutiny, yielded extraordinary new data and forced some new conclusions in regards to the Death Stars and the superlaser.

The new, as always, has not gone unopposed by the guardians of the old.  Thus, this enhanced and updated version of the Superlaser Effect concept explanation has been created.  This "version 2.0" analysis will, hopefully, serve to centralize and improve upon the information and analyses currently scattered among various parts of this website (1, 2, 3) and innumerable discussion forum threads.

And so, let's take it from the top.

(Note:  At present, this document is what, in software terms, could be described as a 2.0 Beta release. So, let me know what you think by giving me some feedback.)

Part I.  Video Resources

Though I'll be providing a large number of screenshots of the various events to be discussed, the video files available below might still be helpful to have as reference.

Legacy Videos

Newer Videos (coming soon)

Part II.  Observation and Analysis

Here, we shall make observations of the superlaser's use and related elements from the canon, and what we can determine from each of those.  (There is also a very brief review/overview available on the first page of Part III below.)

Page One:  

Section I.  Beam Impact

Page Two:  

Section II. Planar Effects
Section III. Secondary Blasts

Page Three:  

Section IV. Death Star Explosions

Page Four:  

Section V.  Material Disappearances
Section VI. Destruction Mechanism Statements

Page Five:

Section VII. Other Details

Part III.  Synthesis

  The Superlaser Effect Theory

  Objections and Responses


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