Ye Olde Pages

What's below are some antiquated pages from way, way, way back in the day.  They are no longer considered valid material of this website, nor do they reflect the present views of the author.  I keep them up and unchanged merely for their possible reference value.  With that caveat in mind, enjoy.

The Death Star Firepower Fallacy

(The above was the first notation on the site that something was inherently wrong with the firepower speculations commonly employed in reference to the Death Stars.  Later, I developed a theory of my own, the original page on which is linked to from the above.  The latest incarnation is available here.)


The following pages are the oldest, employing antiquated data and non-canon speculation.  These come from the very earliest phases of my site, and their titles as given on the old index have been kept below:

Deep Space Nine has lasers?

Comparison of a Star Destroyer Turbolaser Cannon to a Type II Hand Phaser . . . no, really, I'm serious!

An estimate of Star Trek Galaxy-Class Phaser Power