Falcon Acceleration Objections

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The examination of the Falcon's acceleration, in its original form, was a direct rebuttal to myths about the Falcon perpetuated at ASVS, such as a Falcon speed of one kilometer per second, a deceleration to zero in 1/3rd of a second, the claim that the Falcon had to have shut off her engines to fool the ISD's sensors "regardless of blind spot", and so on.    However, the old myths are still defended by some.


1.  When the Falcon flew from beside the Avenger to the bridge, she actually travelled three times the Avenger's length (4.8 kilometers).  Thus, her average speed was 535 meters per second.

This claim is absurd.  As shown, the Falcon's course was a simple one, from the side of the ISD to the bridge.  For the Falcon to have travelled three times the Avenger's length, she would have to have suddenly zipped all around the cosmos, presumably during the 2.32 seconds we don't see her when Needa is ordering shields raised.   While I suppose it is possible that Han decided to stop and take a joyride in the middle of his maneuver, there is absolutely no evidence for it, and from the radio drama and the direction Needa looks toward when observing the Falcon, there's plenty of evidence against any claim of sudden, erratic maneuverings.  My findings stand.

2.  The vidcap used is inaccurate, because its speed is 25fps. Therefore, all your findings are wrong.

This claim is also peculiar.   Is it odd to have a vidcap at 25fps, given the source film's speed of 24 and video's speed of 30fps?  Oh, sure.   I was stuck with using a PAL (European video) clip.  But, the timing between my version and the videotape is exactly the same, and my timing also corresponds exactly with Brian Young's 24fps version, down to the hundredth of a second.  Besides, if my version is somehow off-kilter and sped up, as is claimed, then it can only increase the values I arrive at for acceleration, especially in the afterburner sequence. 

In any event, none of the suggested framecount differences could possibly result in scandalously-higher estimates being even close to correct.   

3.  Han was asking if the landing claw was secure, not stating this as fact.

Another silly claim, though this one is somewhat excusable.   Yes, Han says "Claw secure," and 3PO responds, "Yes, but to the hull of an Imperial Star Destroyer!".  An objector took this to mean that Han had asked a question, but there is no raising of pitch or tone at the end of the word "secure", as one might expect from a question.  Yes, it was a statement of fact.  Yes, 3PO's "yes" was not a response to a query, but simply an acknowledgement of the stated fact . . . in a manner akin to my multiple uses of the term "yes" to start sentences in this paragraph.

4. The Falcon attached to the Avenger "in a matter of ONE SECOND".

This claim is absurd insofar as it is unsubstantiated to the point of absurdity.  I have listened to the file using a sound editing program (Cool Edit), and thus can narrow down when sounds begin to within a tenth of a second.  At 32.2 seconds into the clip, the whoosh sound begins. It is not until 34.3 seconds into the clip that Han begins to speak the command "kill the engines".  That is 2.1 seconds, not "a matter of ONE".  

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