"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge."
  - Bertrand Russell


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10-07-2014:   Welcome to the Archive Edition of ST-v-SW.Net.

Unless noted on the new version of the site or via blog/tweet, these pages will no longer be updated. Why? Well, some (if not most) of my 200 or so pages are either themselves ten or more years old or based on responding to ten year old arguments (in either sense of the phrase). And frankly, I hate when people screw up their sites and leave behind broken links and such. But, what with varying filename patterns and internal link styles that I'd be stuck trying to hang onto so as not to break inbound linking, it seems wiser to start over from scratch and use these materials as fodder for a new, better organized version of the site.

Oh, and lest anyone misrepresent this as "distancing himself from his old arguments" or somesuch nonsense, understand that (1) I considered labeling it the "Victory Edition" (heh), and (2) in the main, you'll see the same positions and content in the new version, just written and arranged differently, along with any new stuff that's come along since.

Until then, keep your eye on the site's front door, or continue following the tweets, blog, Facebook, et cetera. And as always, thanks for visiting!

09-28-2014:   I had saved STrek-v-SWars.Net's main pages in the Obsidian Order section, but it turned out I had some of the interesting threads saved, too. So, enjoy over 75 pages of saved discussion from the old STrek-v-SWars forum.

03-01-2014:   Noticed the other day that the Introduction page was not really an introduction, and was like 12 years old, besides. So, I took the introductory bits out of the "Preface and Canon" page, thus making it the "Fictional Reality and Evidence" page, and updated the site's introduction.

ST-v-SW.Net is also now on Facebook. Like it. Maybe then I'll figure out what to do with it. :-)

01-05-2014:   Been digging around a bunch of old stuff and found e-mails discussing the Section 31 Project which I once teased, and which per this ancient upcoming projects page, got cancelled in 2003/2004. Hating to see the work wasted and never having heard if the guy got his pages elsewhere as planned, I googled and found that he'd been providing the private link to it elsewhere, as seen on this response page from "Darth Timon".

So, a mere 10 years later, give or take, allow me to present the Section 31 Project, which was originally intended to be its author's sub-site with a complete bit-by-bit teardown of StarDestroyer.Net (back when SDN still had some remaining relevance to the debate). Bear in mind that these pages are ten years old, and that this is officially part of the Obsidian Order Project wherein I squirrel away old defunct sites for history's sake. So, when reading, do be fair to the elderly.

The author was an absolute machine and there were, as I recall, many more Word documents sent than I ever managed to get converted for use on the planned sub-site.   And considering how prolific I was with this stuff in 2003, the fact that I was overwhelmed is saying something.  Maybe someday I'll look for those and add them somehow, but for now, enjoy a whole other website.



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Ground & Personal Combat Technology

  Star Trek Ground Combat
  Imperial Probe Droids, In-Depth
  A Brief Look at Phasers vs. Lightsabres
  The AT-ST  - An Imperial 'Armored Vehicle'
  Invincible Stormtrooper Armor
  A Few Words on Blaster Firepower

Space & Starship Technology

  Propulsion and Power Generation

  Discerning Canon Hyperdrive Speeds
  Facts about Warp Maneuvering and Strafing
  Millennium Falcon Acceleration Ability 
  Federation Starship Power Generation
Old2newb.gif Imperial Reactors, Propulsion, & Power Tech

  Weapons and Defense

       Beam and Missile Weapons

  See Star Trek Kick Asteroids
  Star Wars: Vaporizing a Small Town
  The "Outrageous Okona" Falsehood
  Photon Torpedo Shielding
  Post-launch Torpedo Shield Glow Growth
  Comparison:  Weapons Range and Targeting
  The X-Wing Firepower Falsehood

       Armor and Shields

  Ramming and Shields in Star Trek
  The ISD Bridge Tower - Asteroid Impact
  The Hull Strength Falsehood
  The "Survivors"[TNG] Falsehood
  The Alderaan Planetary Shield Falsehood

General or Multi-Topic Technology Articles

  Ramming and Subspace Physics
  Estimating The Size of The Imperial Fleet
  A Couple of Words on Cloaking
  Bullets and the Borg

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  Starship Volumetrics
& ChronoVolumetrics
Orders of Magnitude in Star Wars
  The Death Star Research Project
  Cities of the Sagas
The Obsidian Order Project
  - Resurrecting The Dead
   Star Trek - Episode Listing

Tales From the Non-Canon

  A Brief History of
Base Delta Zero
  The Neutronium Hull Falsehood
  Regarding the ICS Books
  The 1.02 Gigawatt Fallacy
  The Star Wars Support Group
On the Origins of the New EU (2005)

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