"Business as Usual"[DS9-5]

Below, we see weapons merchant Hagath, Quark, and Quark's cousin Gaila (an associate of Hagath) checking out and demonstrating their new weapons sales-room:   Quark's holosuites.    Used as the sales point, the holosuite allowed for demonstration of weapons and the sale of the weapons without anyone getting their hands dirty; the actual transaction would occur elsewhere.  As a result of this unique arrangement, Hagath was able to demonstrate even his specialty items without concern that they might be stolen or confiscated by local authorities.  Thus, he could be free to show off all of the various toys he could provide that would allow one to be rude to one's fellow sapient beings.

Hagath tests one of the holographic representations:

Fortunately for Quark, they do not produce injury.

Hagath notes that it pulls a little to the right, just like the real ones.

To the right, we see the roomful of toys.

Quark makes his first sale, the Breen CRM-114.   It is a bulky weapon, but the customer notes how light it is . . . even Quark is able to manipulate it rather effortlessly for its size.  Featuring a quick recharge rate, the weapon is intended for use against both vehicles and surface emplacements.  Capable of cutting through "reactive armor" of up to 15 centimeters and shields of up to 4.6 gigajoules, the weapon is almost undoubtedly nothing to sneeze at.

At right, we see two holographic target simulations rapidly dispatched by the weapon.  The first is a floating drone of some sort, perhaps a larger, dumber cousin to an Echo Papa 607 from "The Arsenal of Freedom"[TNG1].


Echo Papa 607:

Below, we see what may very well be the dumbest-looking costume ever to appear on a person in a Star Trek production.  That said, however, the guy looks really mean and upset just standing there, which overrides his comical attire.   In any case, this person . . . or combat android . . . is summarily vanquished by the Breen cannon.


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