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"One more word of technobabble and I'm gonna cut your tongue out." 
-- "John Crichton", FarScape

- Special thanks to reader "Ares" for the above!

For those of you in the U.S., have you seen those AoTC DVD ads? "Who da man? Yoda Man!" Oh . . . oh my.  I even hurt for the Rabid-est of Rabid Warsies about that one.  

Data's Night On The Town

Star Trek Lightsabers?

What really happened at Endor

In Honor of the First

Apples and Oranges

Watch Star Wars slay Greek Mythology.

Yes, it's another Tourist Guy pic, made by yours truly.

Fun with Picture Editors ('Rated R') . . . amusingly-edited pics found online

"Considering the widely varying sizes and performances of cloaking devices we've seen,
 especially in DS9, you can probably take a cloaking device off a Vor'Cha,
 hook it up to your toaster, and render your street block invisible."
 --David Templar, 13 November 2002