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A quick peek at the metropoles of Earth and other planets in Star Trek and Star Wars

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Flare poster Galen has provided a listing of Earth cities referred to.  I have expanded that list to include additional references below.  I've yet to confirm the mentions from the original list, however, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the below.

Alice Springs, Australia—Vanishing Point
Anchorage, Alaska—Fight or Flight
Atlanta, Georgia—The Xindi
Bergen, Norway—The Maquis, Part I
Bloomington, Indiana—Imperfection
Boise, Idaho—City on the Edge of Forever
Boston, Massachusetts—Pathfinder
Brisbane, Australia—Dear Doctor
Broken Bow, Oklahoma—Broken Bow
Buenos Aires, Argentina—Renaissance Man
Calgary, Canada—First Duty
Canton, Ohio—11:59; The Andorian Incident
Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania—Carbon Creek
Chicago, Illinois—Manhunt; Repression
Dakar, Senegal—Evolution
Death Valley, California—Vanishing Point
Duluth, Minnesota—The Xindi
Florence, Italy—Concerning Flight
Kenmare, Ireland—Breaking the Ice
Kota Baharu, Malaysia—Silent Enemy
Labarre, France—Chain of Command, Part II
Leningrad, USSR—I, Mudd; The Voyage Home
Lisbon, Portugal—Homefront
London, England—The Big Goodbye
Los Angeles, California—Future’s End
Madison, Wisconsin—Vanishing Point
Marseille, France—Non Sequitur
Minsk - WYLB
New Orleans, Louisiana—Homefront
New York City, New York—City on the Edge of Forever
Paris, France—The Undiscovered Country
Panama City, Florida—Fusion
Pensacola, Florida—Silent Enemy
Portland, Oregon—Past Tense, Part I
Oakland, California—Endgame, Part I; Rogue Planet
Rio - WYLB
Saint Moritz, Switzerland—Waking Moments
San Antonio, Texas—Manhunt
San Francisco, California—Time’s Arrow
Sausalito, California—Broken Bow Sinagpore—Cogenitor
Tarpon Springs, Florida—The Crossing
Teaneck, New Jersey—The Outrageous Okona
Valdez, Alaska—The Icarus Factor