Well, well, well.

What, were your usual lies and slanders not sufficient?

"Master of Ossus", I've trashed you a hundred times before in intellectual combat. In response, you have engaged in all sorts of stupidity where you thought I couldn't see you. Ah, but I have far-reaching eyes.

I know that, like a complete idiot, you continued responding to me in threads long after I had already been banned, asking questions of me as if I could possibly answer them.

I know that you have lied to others, claiming I have made statements which I did not make and disagreed with in principle. When told to stop via e-mail, you have failed to acknowledge the facts, and boasted that you would continue with your stupidity.

Now, in the A Call To Arms thread, you have declared a Warsie Jihad against me.

And now, you and your fellow idiotlings are hoping to make a two-pronged attack . . . one person engaging me in debate while the rest gang up on my site while I'm otherwise engaged!

Ossus, if you aren't man enough to take me alone, you shouldn't bother.

If you are man enough, bring it on.

I'll take the rest of you on at my leisure. It's his war. Let him fight it. If you want some, you can try to come get some when I'm done beating him down once again.

All you have is the numerical advantage. Afraid to lose it and let logic rule the day?

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