Leave SCN Be, Mike.

I've been monitoring Wong's petty effort to instigate a board war between SD.Net's BBS and a website's forum that I frequent, where peaceful Trek discussions occur. Even when the forum's mods had pretty much secured peaceful co-existence with the SD.Net denizens who'd come rushing over to attack (thanks, in no small part, to veteran Vs. debater Alyeska's efforts), Wong leapt in demanding blood from the noble fellow who runs the site, simply because the fellow had questioned Wong's methods. 

I endeavoured to keep quiet on the matter, not wanting to give the Rabid Warsies an excuse to come storming in because I was there (this assumes, of course, that my presence there had not already drawn them).  However, Wong kept up his personal attacks against the site author, so I finally decided to try to make challenge in order to deflect his attack.  But, it seems he won't be content until he can destroy the harmony of an innocent group of Trek fans.  How sad to see how far his hatred of all things Trek goes.

I decided to remove my message after consulting one of the mods, but I did put a link to it here:

(As I've deleted from SCN):

Okay, I'd managed, somehow, to keep my mouth shut before, in keeping with the moderators' interests for peace. But now, I must respond to the egomaniac.

"No! For battle, come to me!"
- Worf

"Slander", Mike? You ought to know better what slander is. Bernd saying that . . .

"there are several people over there [SD.Net BBS] who at least stay civilized, consider the opponent's arguments and don't take it down to personal insults. But Wong does not seem to be among them."

. . . is not slander. Or, do you deny that you feel maturity is unnecessary in debates, as per your own Hate Mail page, deny that you ignore opposition arguments, and deny that you break out insults at the drop of a hat?

And why all this insistence on a public debate with Bernd? It isn't like you could even take me in public debate, and the recent website sniping efforts you and your fellow me-haters engaged in certainly aren't going well. You sure you want to go up against Bernd, given your track record?

Given how often you try to lord your degree over the heads of any opponent, I'd guess you're just upset that Bernd is properly addressed as Dr. Schneider . . . something you can't match. It burns at you, doesn't it? I bet you've watched with keen interest as your minions followed in your footsteps and tried to find out about his degree, so you could try to argue against its validity as you tried to do against Graham Kennedy.

Ah, but you see, Mike, there's an important difference between someone like Bernd and the likes of you. Your interest is ego . . . public persona . . . appearances . . . disciples. Hence your attempt to goad the good doctor with the use of the term "coward" . . . hence the reason I was finally able to goad you into accepting a rational debate by rattling your egomania.

Bernd is interested in enjoying Star Trek, running his site on the topic, and enjoying his board (and keeping the peace there). He could care less about the ravings of an angry little Canadian.

Now, I suggest that you go back to your BBS and shut the hell up, instead of sullying his with your stupid poodle-yippings. If you want yet another public beating, then *I* will happily deliver it.

Want some? Come get some. Respond via my site's feedback. The topic should end here as far as SCN goes.

(Felis, Nathan, etc. . . . sorry. If you need to edit this, I understand. Just trying to put "STFU" in a way he'd comprehend.)

Mike, naturally, dared not respond via site feedback.  Instead, he proceeded to rave like a loon.  As per Felis's implied suggestion, I didn't say anything in response to his attacks . . . at least, not there.

As usual, notice how Darkstar does not make a single point that is not an attack on character, derogatory insult, chest-beating declaration that he's better than me, etc. Endless projection of his own psychological weaknesses onto me.

"As usual"?  Mike Wong, poster child for the makers of character attacks, accuses me of using it as my modus operandi.   How amusing.

In fact, since our debate your entire focus of commentary has been on my personality, hasn't it?

Since the debate, all you've done is snipe behind my back, whine, complain about me, and so on.  Now that your arguments have been shown to be dead (indeed, with the canon issue laid to rest, your entire site is moot), you hardly have much point left.   

 After being embarrassed with your utterly laughable claims about . . . 

Now, now, Mike . . . I haven't responded to those sections of the sniper attack yet (though I'm amused that you picked what I haven't replied to, as opposed to what I have).

Of course, you can whine all you like . . . after all, you have indeed responded (if even poorly) to my pointing out stupidities on your site, such as the notion that Captain Ron Tracey had a huge laser cannon in his pocket, or that the EU is a valid source of information, or that there are more than a million worlds in the Empire, or that the superlaser is a DET phenomenon, or that neutronium has a magic island of stability just because you say so.

And let's not forget the demonstrated cases of you lying, such as the gloriously famous one in the debate.  (There are more in the debate than that one, as I've noticed since then.)

Yours are the laughable claims, Mike.  And, unlike you, I change my pages when I'm demonstrated to be in error.

And in true form, the forum moderators have nuked all of my recent posts in this forum

Awww, poor baby.  Does it upset you when it isn't you doing the message nuking, as you did to my messages on SD.Net's BBS?

BTW, your pathetic fixation with Schneider's degree is yet another sad statement on your hypocrisy, Darkstar.

This is hysterical.  I chide him for his fixation on degrees (he harassed GK's educators just to try to win some sort of points on his anti-GK page), and he says the fixation is mine.  That's just disgustingly dishonest.   He then pretends that his hate mail pages and BBS contain no examples of him advertising his degree in the middle of the debate, in order to appeal to the authority he believes it should grant his arguments.

Wong still doesn't understand that facts and reason are the final arbiters . . . not pieces of paper, and certainly not childish efforts to accuse another party of what he himself does (especially when he's being made fun of for it!)

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