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Various Weapon Platforms & Delivery Systems
Star Destroyers
15.0 "The Victory-class Star Destroyer, Emperor's Wisdom, had eighty concussion missile launch tubes on it.  Any single salvo could bring down the Mon Cal cruiser's shields, leaving it open for raking fire from the ship's energy weapons."   [ "X-Wing: Isard's Revenge" p.286 ]

15.1 "     The two pilots acknowledged, and she returned her attention to the inconspicuous spot beneath the Star Destroyer's central sublight drive nozzle where her Z-95's lasers were currently blasting away.  Beneath the shielding at that point was a critical part of the lower-aft sensor package.  If she could take it out, she and the others would have free run of the relatively undefended underside of the huge ship.
      With a sudden puff of vaporized metal and plastic, the lasers punched through it."   [ "Dark Force Rising", p. 425 ]

After only a few minutes of concentrated firing the lasers of a Z-95 Headhunter can punch through a shield of an ISD.
15.2 "It took the Chimaera nearly five days at its point four cruising speed to cover the three hundred fifty light-years between Myrkr and Wayland."   [ "Heir to the Empire", p. 39 ]

The cruising speed of an ISD is 0.4, which is equivalent to less than 2.9 light-years per hour.
15.3 "With half an ear he listened to the damage control reports coming from the Number Four tractor beam projector, carefully not getting himself involved with the cleanup.
      The destruction of one of the Chimaera's ten projectors was a relatively minor loss."   [ "Heir to the Empire", p. 183 ]

First of all, this shows that ISDs have 10 tractor beam projectors.  Second, the tractor beams either require thin shields, or they can't function at all through the firing ships shields (they would lock onto their own shield instead of the enemy ship - as seen by other quotes) - and thus they are extremely vulnerable.
Super Star Destroyers
16.0 "Wedge knew Super Star Destroyers had only come into service after the Battle of Yavin, which meant the Lusankya had to have been created and hidden on Coruscant before the battle of Endor."   [ "X-Wing: The Krytos Trap" p.322 ]

Pretty self-explanatory.
Interdictor Cruisers
17.0 "'Tell me I'm wrong, but I don't think an Interdictor could cross ninety-one light-years in four hours -- not on its best day.'
      'You are correct,' Gant said, reaching out and collecting the recorder."   [ "Tyrant's Test" p. 13 ]

A pilot and a colonel of New Republic Intelligence comment on the speed of an Interdictor - apparently less than 22.75 LY/hr.
17.1 "     Stellar Web finally vectored, her bow turning slowly away from the oncoming destroyer wreckage.  Solo waited for the inevitable collision between ships, but Serpent's Smile seemed to slow as it approached the Interdictor.  Stellar Web shot away from the destroyer, her course taking her dangerously close to Crynyd, then vectored away from that vessel as well.  Suddenly she was headed out to space, away from the surviving Imperial Star Destroyers."   [ "X-Wing: Solo Command", p. 277 ]

"     'How did she do that?' Onoma said.
      'I'm not sure,' Solo said.  'But if I were driving a dragship in that situation, I'd reverse the gravity-well generators so they pushed instead of pulled.  That would give me extra propulsion to bounce away from any mass in the area.  Must have wreaked havoc with the ship's artificial gravity, though.  She can't be set up to do such a thing normally.'"   [ "X-Wing: Solo Command", p. 277 ]

The gravity field of an Interdictor cruiser can be set on reverse, but it is a difficult maneuver, which can possibly even damage the ship if it is not set up for that originally.
17.2 "Caught off balance by Luke's right-angle maneuver, the Interdictor was now rotating in the wrong direction, its gravity beam sweeping across Luke's previous course instead of tracking the current one."   [ "Heir to the Empire", p. 181 ]

Interdictor cruisers have almost no maneuvering abilities.  And they can focus their gravity beams in a particular direction.
Various Fighters
18.0 "Coming up and around, she dropped her Interceptor on his tail, but saw he already had ten kilometers worth of lead over her.  Even with the Interceptor's greater speed, I won't catch him before he escapes the atmosphere and goes to lightspeed."   [ "X-Wing: The Bacta War", p. 160 ]

"By shunting more energy to her engines, she could increase her speed, but her lasers would have no power to shoot Gavin when she caught him."   [ "X-Wing: The Bacta War", p. 160 ]

This clearly shows that the range of Interceptor lasers is much less than 10 km - at the very least in atmosphere.
18.1 "By hitting another switch, he shunted the energy stored in the energy weapon capacitors into the engines, bringing his speed back up to the maximum the fighter could do while fully recharging weapons and shields."   [ "X-Wing: Isard's Revenge" p.225 ]

SW fighters apparently have a maximum speed, not maximum acceleration...
18.2 "     Wedge's range meter scrolled down below two kilometers, the maximum effective range for his targeting computer."   [ "X-Wing: Solo Command", p.29 ]

Pathetic effective range.  Utterly pathetic.
18.3 "Just as the air thinned to the point that the stars shone with brilliant, unblinking clarity, the first laser blast sizzled past the Corellian freighter's port side.  'A long-distance shot,' Wedge said."   [ "X-Wing: Solo Command", p. 177 ]

"Wedge spared a moment to look at his sensors.  The squadron of TIEs was only a kilometer back.  Kell's Drakes were only half a klick behind them and closing fast."   [ "X-Wing: Solo Command", p. 177 ]

Hmm - 1-1.5 km distance is very far away for the SW fighters.  Why am I not surprised?
18.4 "'Bring the Y-wings up front.  Let them think that's all we have."   [ "X-Wing: Solo Command", p. 292 ]

"Several kilometers out from Mon Remonda, as they reached maximum firing range from the Y-wing squadrons, they opened up with a salvo of lasers, then broke around the Y-wing force in four groups, leaving the slower New Republic starfighters to turn awkwardly in their wake."   [ "X-Wing: Solo Command", p. 292 ]

Since the Y-wings were "in front" of the NR ships, and therefore between the Mon Remonda and the TIEs, TIE maximum firing range must be less than several kilometers.
18.5 "He sprang up the ladder and into his inclined, padded seat, yanked on his helmet, then touched on the ship'd fusion generator."   [ "The Truce at Bakura", p. 3 ]

Apparently X-wings are powered by plain old fusion reactors.
18.6 "She rubbed her hands together, then reached out to the right, rolling her fingers over the floating-ball control of the inertial compensator. 'Strap in,' she ordered, and she dialed it down to 95 percent, as fighter pilots often did so that they could gain a tactile feel to the movements of their ships."   [ "Vector Prime", p. 7 ]

"     'Z-95 Headhunters,' Mara said derisively of the closing craft, an antiquated starfighter, and she flipped off the comm switch and looked back at Leia.  'Can't shoot what you can't catch,' she explained."   [ "Vector Prime", p. 7 ]

From the further descriptions of the battle it is apparent that the people in the ship felt accelerations no larger than about 3 g's, which means that the shuttle was capable of around 60 g's.  Furthermore, since Mara fully expected to outrun the Headhunters, they obvious are capable of smaller accelerations.
18.7 "He swerved between two more, taking a couple of inconsequential hits, then reversed throttle, with R5-L4 howling all the while, and flipped his X-wing about, a vicious maneuver that nearly stole his consciousness despite the fact that his inertial compensator was running at 97 percent."   [ "Vector Prime", p. 195 ]

If we say that this was a 5 g maneuver (since according to USAF Flight Surgeon's Guide blackout during even slow 1 g/s maneuvers occures at 4.8 g's), then the X-wing is capable of around 166.67 g's.
19.0 "Hobbie's attack ran from below the AT-AT's body on up the back, and at least one shot holed the fuel tank.  Flaming fluid streamed down like a tail, then an explosion ripped the walker's back end open."   [ "X-Wing: Isard's Revenge" p.120 ]

AT-AT's apparently use plain old combustible chemical fuel.
19.1 "'Watch those trees, Admiral,' Major Raines's voice warned in his helmet headphone.  'You probably won't knock yourself over that way, but I've seen walkers get hung up so bad you had to send a couple of troopers down to blow the tree off at the roots.  Takes time, and you're a sitting flink until you get free.'"   [ "Vision of the Future" p.75 ]

AT-AT walkers are clumsy and weak enough to get stuck in a forest, or even fall over if they are controlled by an inexperienced driver.
19.2 "'Just try to anticipate where the trouble's going to be before you're too close to aim the guns where they can do any good.'
      Pellaeon grunted.  'Better yet, avoid using AT-ATs entirely in this situation.'"   [ "Vision of the Future" p.76 ]

AT-ATs have so much trouble with trees and forests that people would rather not use them there at all - if they didn't have to.
Other Ships and Platforms
20.0 "     Two New Republic Assault Frigates, the Tyrant's Bane and Liberty Star, cruised in toward the Golan station.  Though each ship was less than a third as long as the station, they bristled with fifty laser cannons and poured terajoules of coherent light into the Golan."   [ "X-Wing: Isard's Revenge" p.7 ]

This appears to say that 100 capitol class laser cannons produce only terajoules of energy - as in less than 100.
20.1 "     'This is an Empress-class space station located in the Yag'Dhul system.  Basic armament is ten turbo-laser batteries and six laser cannons.  It also has the capability of housing up to three squadrons of TIEs, though the usual complement is two dozen fighters.'"   [ "X-Wing: The Krytos Trap" p.35-35 ]

The standard defense systems of an Empress-class space station.
20.2 "     Runt and Donos were the first on his half squad to fire, the blue streaks of proton torpedoes drawing an instantaneous line from the X-wings to the flanks of the cruiser.  Face watched their explosions baloon against the cruiser's side.  He ignored the pure tone of his own target lock, twitched his pilot's yoke over so his targeting brackets fell within the center of one of the torpedo detonation clouds, and fired his own remaining torpedoes."   [ "X-Wing: Solo Command", p. 31 ]

"'Starboard impacts damaged the hull but did not, repeat, did not penetrate.'"   [ "X-Wing: Solo Command", p. 32 ]

It takes only 8 proton torpedoes to penetrate the shields of a Carrack cruiser.

By 'Elim Garak'