The Obsidian Order Project

Resurrecting the Dead

A Vs. Debater who went by the moniker of 'Elim Garak' once had a series of lovely pages on his provider's webspace, under the directory "ObsidianOrder".  His site was geared toward publicizing the most embarrassing technical quotes from the Star Wars non-canon. Granted, for the purposes of my site, such quotes are irrelevant . . . however, they helped serve to thwart those who do not follow Lucas/LFL canon policy, and make an interesting counterpoint to those who have tried to wank out Star Wars tech in recent years.

When I noticed that the pages seemed to be going up and down repeatedly, I decided to save them to my hard drive. The site then fell permanently, and eventually I reposted these under the presumption that the author wouldn't mind.  I marked this page with a request that he contact me.   In December 2003, the original author did indeed get in touch and thanked me for keeping the pages alive.  It was, of course, my pleasure.

This is not a perfect reposting . . . only the main pages are present due to the database format of the originals, so the source-specific pages are left out.  However, all the information should be present.   

I have not amended the pages' internal links to work properly, since many of the links would be dead anyway.  The pages have, however, been modified with header and footer to assist in navigation back here or to my main index.

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In no particular order . . .

Droids, Computers, Et Cetera

Large Energy Beam Weapons Systems

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Weaponry

Missiles and Torpedoes

Propulsion Technology

Sensor Systems

Various Weapons Platforms and Delivery Systems