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Miscellaneous Weaponry
Hand-held and Portable Weapons
13.0 "He got to the edge of the ravine and found himself twenty meters from the doors, at the top of a ten-meter-high scree slope from which the snow had long since melted.  The quartet of stormtroopers he'd have to take out were another ten meters beyond the doors, putting them at a fair distance away as far as a blaster shot went.  Not going to be easy at all."   [ "X-Wing: Isard's Revenge" p.128 ]

Blaster range is pathetic.
13.1 "The abundant undergrowth around the Xucphra corporate headquarters provided Iella and her people the means to get within twenty-five meters of the back entrance."   [ "X-Wing: The Bacta War", p. 294 ]

"Because they had been prepared for a close assault, none of her people carried a blaster rifle, just carbines and pistols, so killing both of them from cover was impossible.  We might hit them with carbine shots at this range, but the armor means we don't have a guaranteed kill.   [ "X-Wing: The Bacta War", p. 294 ]

Considering the fact that Leia's sports blaster was powerful enough to penetrate Stormtrooper armor, this shows that SW carbines and pistols have pathetic range.
13.2 "He squeezed the trigger again and nothing happened.  The holdout blaster's tiny energy cell had been depleted with only two shots."   [ "Ambush at Corellia", p. 15 ]

Pathetic small scale weapons.  ST type 1 phasers are smaller than these blasters, and can 'vape' quite a few people without any problems.
Miscellaneous Information
14.0 "     The stun-bolt caught Corran square in the middle of his chest.  It did to his nervous system what an ion-bolt did to a machine.  In one instant every nerve in Corran's body fired, instantly wracking him with pain, burning him up, shaking, crushing, and freezing him.  All of his muscles contracted, bowing his back, grinding his teeth, and kicking him up into the air with a little hop.  His limp body's impact on the ground probably hurt, but his nervous system couldn't route reports to his brain properly, so he really didn't know how he felt."   [ "X-Wing: The Krytos Trap" p.186 ]

The result of a hit by a stun bolt, and how it affects the human body.

By 'Elim Garak'