The Battle of Britain

I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin . . .  if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the light of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, "This was their finest hour."

- Sir Winston Churchill to the House of Commons at the outset of The Battle of Britain, 18 June 1940

In the Summer of 2002, an obsession began.  Mike Blackburn, also known as the "Master of Ossus", found himself trumped again and again in intellectual combat.  In his every campaign, he would throw himself headlong against fact and reason, ever astonished to find his brittle arguments smashed and broken about him.  These failures burned within him, and his hatred for the source of the facts and reasoning that had been his downfall did not fade with the source's departure in September, and only increased when he saw his master bested.

Two months later, Ossus called for a Warsie Jihad against that source's internet island.   A wise move . . . Warsie weapons were inferior, but with the numerical superiority of an all-Warsie blitzkrieg, he thought he might be able to at least cause the appearance of damage.   After all, for Rabid Warsies appearances are always more important than facts.  That's what the Rabid Warsie support group mentality is all about.

Upon seeing this call to arms, I replied thusly and had the link posted on SD.Net's BBS, challenging him to a one-on-one debate . . . if he thought he had the courage.

Naturally, he never responded.

And thus, a month and a half later, Wong and Ossus have led other SD.Net BBS flunkies into attack . . .  their so-called "definitive" rebuttal of my site.  Since Wong has chosen to redirect all links from this site to a porn site for fear of his silliness being displayed for all to see, simply cut and paste the following into your browser's address bar to see the sad effort:

Though 90% of it is hardly worth replying to, crashing into the ground of its own accord, I would hate for those unfamiliar with Warsie tactics to fail to pick up on the many falsehoods and deceptions . . . hence the following, in which I shoot down their claims.   Though the focus, as always, will be in regards to the opposition's claims regarding actual, topical Vs. Debate data, the nature of their attack, as always, involves a large amount of petty personal attacks.  I will respond to these if and when I feel it appropriate to do so.

This is a work in progress, since they ganged up on me and have a month and a half head start.  But, if Ossus was the primary author, it shouldn't take long at all to blast through their claims and Wong's commentary . . . Ossus uses creationist scattergun tactics, a la Wong (which, of course, was the entire point of them publishing all at once), but Ossus's techniques overall are lacking in comparison to his master.  On the other hand, it's worth noting that in some ways, Ossus can be a more crafty opponent than Wong, if even accidentally.  When Wong says something obviously wrong or that is a direct lie, he does it forcefully, and/or with a lot of opponent-bashing before and after, in the hopes that no one will dare reply.  When Ossus says something obviously wrong or that is a direct lie, he does it, to borrow from Han, "real quiet-like", trying to sneak it under truth's radar.  But, like Han, he often steps on a stick and gives it all away.

I will post the responses in the order which he used for ease of reference.  Expect several at a time, with the first batch coming soon.

G2k  1-7-03

(Note:  Some might object to my intentionally-humorous use of war terminology in response to what professes to be a rebuttal to my arguments.  Indeed, Wong and company utterly missed (or conceitedly ignored) the whole "Dark Ages" and "light of perverted science" jabs, instead suggesting that I was in a fit of rage.  Now, make no mistake . . . Wong and his fellows are not interested in my arguments, the facts presented, or logic used to arrive at the conclusions.  Theirs is a vendetta of the vanquished, and I am poking fun at them accordingly.  As Ossus states in the Epilogue, the pages have a "goal of crippling Anderson's credibility".  That's hardly the statement of someone interested only in facts and reason, but it is on the basis of those that I will repulse their attack . . . though I plan to have some fun doing it.) 

"Preface" Response

    Shooting Down Their Claims

(A note on the table below)

The Page In Question The "Rebuttal" Reply
 The 1.02 Gigawatt Fallacy from the Star Trek non-canon "The 1.02 GIgawatt Fallacy" 
. . . and the related Alderaan Planetary Shield Falsehood "The Alderaan Planetary Shield Falsehood" 
See Star Trek Kick Asteroids in "Rise"[VOY], et cetera "See Star Trek Kick Asteroids in “Rise”"
(in severe need of updating) See Star Wars get it's Asteroids Kicked "See Star Wars get its Asteroids Kicked"
A Brief History of the Base Delta Zero Falsehood from the Star Wars non-canon "The Base Delta Zero Falsehood"
 A couple of words on Blaster Firepower "Blaster Firepower" 
Correcting Misconceptions about the Borg, Projectile Weapons, and the Holodeck "Correcting Misconceptions about the Borg, Projectile Weapons, and the Holodeck"
Correcting Misconceptions about the Romulan technology of "Balance of Terror"[TOS] "Correcting Misconceptions about “Balance of Terror”" 
A couple of words on Cloaking Technology in the two universes "Cloaking Technology" 
The Death Star Firepower Falsehood "The Death Star Firepower Falsehood"
A few facts about Ground Combat in Star Trek "Ground Combat in Star Trek" 
A brief look at Phasers vs. Lightsabres "Phasers vs Lightsabres" 
Commentary on and Technological Assessment of Star Trek: Nemesis  "Star Trek: Nemesis"
The Neutronium Hull Falsehood, and a discussion of Star Wars, Star Trek, and real-life neutronium "The Neutronium Hull Falsehood" 
A brief look at the existence of Photon Torpedo Shielding "Photon Torpedo Shielding" 
The "Survivors"[TNG] Falsehood "The “Survivors” Falsehood"
Star Wars Weapons Range and Targeting "Star Wars Weapons Range and Targeting"
Speaking of ground combat, take a look at the AT-ST, an Imperial 'armored vehicle' "The AT-ST, an Imperial “Armored vehicle”"  
Some thoughts on Federation starship Power Generation capabilities "Federation starship power generation capabilities" 
The Truth about Warp Maneuvering and Warp Strafing "The Truth about Warp Maneuvering and Warp Strafing" 
The X-Wing Firepower Falsehood "The X-Wing Firepower Falsehood" 
Overview: The Basic Facts for perusal . . . What we'll be comparing. "Overview" Response


Conclusion Response

Epilogue Response

Final Comments