Wong Debate

Round 4

The Superlaser Effect


RSA Debate

Round 4, Part 1b (Death Star Firepower)


Robert, as I expected, you created yet another massive "rebuttal" in 
which you took individual paragraphs, stripped them apart into sentences 
to attack piecemeal, and quietly ignored, misrepresented, or evaded the 
main points. Moreover, your increasing use of personal insults (such as 
having the gall to accuse ME of scientific ignorance despite your own 
mistakes, or dismissing my criticisms as "BS"), enormous 
misrepresentations, and brick-wall denials (eg- answering challenges by 
simply saying that you've already dealt with them even if you haven't, 
or denying accusations of fallacies by simply saying "incorrect" or 
"completely false" without further explanation) is steadily making a 
mockery of this debate.

You can't even admit the most obvious red herrings, and you have adopted 
the incredibly audacious tactic of claiming that "as the challenged 
party", you have the right to change the subject as you see fit! Sorry 
to burst your bubble, but once the subject is declared in the opening of 
the debate, it's too late to change it. And since you insisted that I 
open the debate instead of you, you forfeited your right to select the 
subject. If you want to keep up this charade of being a rational 
debater, you should be prepared to focus on the main points, avoid 
logical fallacies, stop trying to change the subject, and be prepared to 
abandon untenable positions rather than stubbornly holding onto them and 
then desperately lashing out at your opponent by trying to goad him with 
thinly veiled insults and blatant misrepresentations.

I see now that answering each and every one of your denials and evasions 
simply produces a downward spiral, in which more and more of the post is 
taken up with your quixotic attempts to pretend your argument is 
completely infallible in every minute detail, while less and less of it 
actually addresses the point. Therefore, since no one is buying your 
brick-wall denials anyway, I will summarize the major arguments and 
challenge you to defend on the MAJOR points, rather than wasting any 
more time going around in circles with you while you insist that you 
haven't made a single misstep, no matter how small.

By the way, I challenge you to answer this as a normal debater would, by 
answering each WHOLE point with a single CONTIGUOUS rebuttal, rather 
than breaking each paragraph apart into fragments in order to attack 
them piecemeal, snip quotes out of context, etc. It would not only 
produce a cleaner (not to mention more honest) debate, but it would also 
produce one that is much smaller and easier to read. I don't see any 
reason to torture the audience, and I don't see why you can't resist the 
temptation to mulch and re-order points into unrecognizable debris 
rather than dealing with them whole.

Point 1: Parsimony

The principle of parsimony, also known as Occam's Razor in this context, 
instructs us to avoid redundant terms. Given two theories of equal 
performance but differing numbers of terms, the one with fewer terms 
wins. A lesser-known aspect of this principle is that unobservable terms 
are redundant by definition, since they cannot be evaluated and 
therefore cannot be used for quantitative prediction. Or as Stephen 
Hawking put it:

"It seems better to employ the principle known as Occam's razor and cut 
out all the features of the theory which cannot be observed."

And this is where we come to the single biggest problem with your 
so-called "theory": it replaces the planetary shield with your MCR, so 
the number of terms is the same, but planetary shields are KNOWN TO 
EXIST in SW (ranging from tiny ground theatre shields to huge theatre 
shields like the one at Hoth which could easily be networked, and even 
planet-encircling systems such as the one at Endor). Your MCR, on the 
other hand, is neither seen or mentioned anywhere in the canon. 
Moreover, your MCR cannot possibly be evaluated in any quantitative 
manner. You have NO WAY of assigning it any numbers whatsoever. You 
cannot determine how much energy it produces, other than assuming that 
the superlaser is weaker than the explosion by some arbitrary figure. 
You don't even know what the reactants are, or what the reaction rate is!

Your MCR is a textbook example of a redundant, unobservable term. The 
minute you try to make it "real" by assigning numbers to it such as a 
reaction rate, it quickly produces predictions which severely contradict 
observation. So here are my challenges on point 1:

1. Define the reactants employed by this reaction, as well as the 
reaction products.

2. Estimate the reaction rate in the case of Alderaan.

I'm not asking you to explain precisely how it works; I'm only asking 
you to define what is reacting, and how quickly. If you have anything 
which remotely resembles a workable theory (which you claim to have), 
then this should be quite easy to do.

Point 2: Unsolved Mystery Fallacy 1: Fire Rings

As mentioned many times before, you cannot prove that your MCR exists 
simply by showing that the fire rings are an unsolved mystery. So what 
if the fire rings are not explained by conventional physics? Have you 
got a BETTER idea? There's the rub; you can't supplant A with B unless 
you can prove that B is better. B is NOT automatically assumed to be 
better if A is not quite perfect!

The fire rings defy the laws of physics in many ways. First, they slow 
down spontaneously in the vacuum of space. Second, they are not visible 
from the ground (watch ROTJ; the fire ring follows right behind the MF 
as it streaks toward the Rebel fleet, which is sitting between the DS 
and the planet; this obviously means that the ring is headed straight 
for the sanctuary moon, yet we see Ewoks looking up at the sky and 
seeing nothing). Third, they cause no effect upon striking the 
atmosphere of Endor; not even a harmless "aurora borealis"-style 
lightshow. So what are they? How much energy do they carry? And how does 
your theory predict their existence? Isn't it entirely possible that 
they are some wholly exotic hyperspace side-effect which can only be 
seen by our omnipotent observer, since the phenomenon is heading 
straight for the Ewoks and they can't see it with the naked eye?

Ultimately, the fire rings crush your argument rather than helping it, 
because the ring simultaneously appears around the entire circumference 
of the planet. While the conventional theory has the planet exploding 
from the inside out (which should produce effects that are centred on 
the core), your argument has the planet reacting from the outside in, in 
a slow reaction that crawls along the surface. Why, then, does the fire 
ring appear all around the planet simultaneously, even emanating from 
part of the planet where your imaginary "bands of brightness" have not 
even reached yet? Here is my challenge on point 2: explain how your MCR 
produces the fire rings. Do not dismiss the challenge by pretending that 
you have already done so (hint: you can't just say "it creates planar 
shockwaves" and call that an explanation).

Point 3: Imaginary "Bands of Brightness"

You produced a marked-up picture to show your "bands of brightness". 
EVERYONE who has seen that picture has come away convinced that you are 
delusional. You have no plausible explanation for why the planet is 
white-hot luminescent for thousands of kilometres AHEAD of the imaginary 
"bands" in the early frames, nor can you explain why this region of 
luminescence does not stay ahead of the imaginary "band" as it 
supposedly moves around the planet but rather, waits for it to catch up. 
And finally, you claim that when the "bands of brightness" close in on 
themselves at the other end, a huge secondary explosion results. I hate 
to break the news to you, but that's NOT what happens when a real 
exothermal chain reaction reaches the end. Try lighting a book of 
matches at one end. Watch what happens: an exothermal chain reaction 
shoots along the row of matches (which don't glow until it REACHES them) 
until it reaches the end, whereupon it closes in upon itself and ... 
fizzles out.

Point 4: Unsolved Mystery Fallacy 2: Secondary Blast

You claim that the "secondary blast" is explained by your MCR. 
Unfortunately, that is simply not the case, as I have shown above. Even 
if we humour your imaginary "bands of brightness", and even if we humour 
your desire to interpret this as an exothermal chain reaction moving 
through the planet, the fact is that if the secondary explosion doesn't 
occur until the "bands" reach the far side of the planet, then it 
actually DISPROVES your MCR by not fizzling out at that point, the way 
an exothermal chain reaction should.

Ultimately, your MCR is shattered, not supported, by the secondary 
blast. There are an infinite number of theories one might concoct to 
explain what it is (particularly since the delay is really not that 
large; I suggest people watch the clip at FULL speed to see what I 
mean). For all we know, the superlaser is so intense that it creates 
gravitational distortions, and part of the core becomes a short-lived 
singularity (which spontaneously detonates in a massive burst of gamma 
rays). But regardless of how we choose to rationalize it, the point is 
that there is no reason to imagine that any exotic reaction would 
require LESS energy.

So here is my challenge on point 4: explain why your imaginary "bands of 
brightness" would create a massive explosion AFTER running out of reactant.

Point 5: Fear of Evidence

Your theory relies upon exclusion of evidence: you must eliminate the 
entire EU, explain away the opening crawl of ANH, and even dismiss the 
original versions of the canon films! As a matter of principle, our 
arguments over canon and continuity exist only because YOUR theory is 
wholly dependent upon an ultra-strict interpretation. The conventional 
explanation works equally well with or without the EU. The conventional 
explanation works equally well with or without the original versions of 
the canon films. The conventional explanation works equally well with or 
without the opening crawl of ANH. Your "theory", however, rests upon the 
flimsy platform of your dogmatic and inflexible brick-wall claims 
regarding what you call the "Canon Policy" (invariably capitalized for 
extra Religious Power(TM)).

I do not fear evidence; the conventional explanation works equally well 
regardless of which policy you choose to use. You, on the other hand, 
have constructed an argument so flimsy that it absolutely REQUIRES that 
most of the available evidence be declared inadmissible before trial. 
You have left yourself no flexibility whatsoever on this matter, hence 
your policy of denying as much evidence as you can.

So here is my challenge on point 5: how can you claim to be conducting 
"evidence-based debate" when you expend so much effort trying to 
SUPPRESS most of the evidence? Even "foggy" pictures of the situation 
(as per your Cerasi quote) are better than no pictures at all.

Point 6: Inconsistency (ie- hypocrisy)

You flatly deny the existence of the Alderaan planetary shield because 
there is no explicit statement that it exists. You refuse to even TEST 
it against the observations of Alderaan because of the lack of PRIOR 
evidence (even though the test ITSELF would provide the evidence you 
need). However, if you were to apply this policy in a UNIFORM manner, 
you would have to disqualify your MCR for the same reason: there is no 
explicit dialogue or prior observation whatsoever to even remotely hint 
at the existence of this MCR (indeed, it's much worse; at least we know 
planetary shields and theatre shields have been mentioned before).

So here is my challenge on point 6: explain why you think we should 
carefully consider your MCR while disqualifying the planetary shield 
before we even reach the starting blocks.

Point 7: Alderaan Planetary Shield

You refuse to evaluate the conventional explanation with a shield in 
place. Rather than see the visible manifestations of a shield as 
evidence of that shield, you insist that there is NO shield and then 
challenge us to explain the shield-like manifestations WITHOUT it! This 
is a truly bizarre line of reasoning, even from you. Do you honestly 
believe that anybody besides you is buying into this horrendous sophistry?

Here is my challenge on point 7: defend your MCR against the 
conventional explanation INCLUDING the shield. If the shield is not a 
workable explanation, then we'll find out if it fails the test. But if 
you continue to insist on disqualifying it before the test even begins, 
then I can only conclude that you do not want to face it on a level 
playing field, with all that this implies.

Point 8: A Candidate for your MCR

Since you refuse to provide a candidate for your MCR, I will. You have 
claimed that the explosion involved a chain reaction which is not 
particularly sensitive to the type of matter involved. Luckily enough, I 
happen to know of one such chain reaction.

It is based on simple thermodynamics, and it is known as mass/heat 
transfer. Given a solid mass, a large heat input at one spot will excite 
particles at that spot. These energetic particles will impart their 
energy to cooler surrounding particles through thermodynamic heat 
transfer. Those surrounding particles will impart their energy to THEIR 
cooler surrounding particles in turn, and so on, and so on in a cascade 
effect. If the heat flux is turned off, the entire mass would eventually 
reach the same temperature. However, if the heat flux is too great, the 
object will tend to be disrupted, as the chain reaction cannot move 
energy away quickly enough.

Voila! A chain reaction which moves through matter at a finite rate and 
produces an asymmetrical explosion. It's not an EXOTHERMAL chain 
reaction, which would be highly material-sensitive, but it DOES happens 
to fit your requirements. So there you have it: since you wouldn't do 
it, I have helpfully defined your MCR for you. It is (to use your 
nomenclature) DET. Does that help? No need to thank me; the pleasure is 
all mine.

Point 9: Energy Level

Ultimately, your argument is not about chain reactions. As I have 
already pointed out, conventional heating mechanisms are actually a 
chain reaction! No, your argument is about energy levels. You insist 
that the Death Star did not need 1E38 J in order to raise Alderaan's 
energy state by 1E38 J. And after all of your sophistry, evasions, 
nitpicks, etc., you have produced only a SINGLE piece of evidence for 
this claim: semantics. You insist that the "artificial sun" comment in 
the ANH novelization is a precise description of Death Star power 
generation physics. You base this on your assumption that "sun" means 
"something which runs on nuclear fusion". Oddly enough, there are many 
kinds of star which do NOT run on nuclear fusion (as I already pointed 
out, and to which you predictably replied by extensively nitpicking 
details of the examples provided, rather than acknowledging the 
underlying point), and Merriam-Webster says a sun is a celestial body 
"resembling the Sun (as in warmth or brilliance)". Nothing there about 
nuclear fusion being part of the definition of "sun", I'm afraid ... it 
appears to apply to any luminous celestial body.

Moreover, this entire line of reasoning is inherently 
self-contradictory. I have already pointed out that your theory calls 
for the Death Star to be able to convert any arbitrary piece of matter 
into energy with its superlaser, but NOT its power reactor. This is 
utterly ridiculous; if the Death Star has the ability to convert any 
matter into energy with its superlaser (as you say), then they should 
surely have devised a way of using this amazing capability for power 
generation, instead of relying on primitive nuclear fusion! Is this 
concept too difficult for you to understand? Are you truly unable to see 
the logical self-contradiction in your argument? Or did you ignore this 
point the first time around because you knew you had no defense against it?

Here is my challenge on point 9 (since your semantic "artificial sun" 
argument is so weak that it convinces no one but yourself): explain how 
the Empire can possibly have the fantastic technology to convert 
arbitrary masses into energy from tens of thousands of kilometres away 
while being unable to employ anything more sophisticated than nuclear 
fusion for power generation.


In the end, we see 1E38 J on the right-hand side of the equation; this 
is indisputable. You refuse to acknowledge that we should put 1E38 J on 
the left-hand side as well, and the only "evidence" you put forward on 
this point (by far the most crucial point, since everything else you 
mention can be attributed to conventional physics more easily than your 
MCR) is a seriously flawed semantic analysis. You have willfully ignored 
your own debate stipulations about sticking to evidence, conducting 
rational debate, or keeping it brief. In fact, the audience is already 
rumbling that your ridiculously long posts are an exhaustion tactic.

You can continue to hurl your rhetoric, sophistry, and thinly veiled 
insults all you like, but ultimately, I doubt you will be able to answer 
ANY of these points properly, in essay form, as a whole point rather 
than a mulched pile of sentence and paragraph fragments. I have made 
them before, you have evaded and/or ignored them. So this time, I 
challenge you to face them head-on, instead of writing voluminous 
treatises on side-issues while quietly glossing over the major points. 
Just 9 points, 2-3 paragraphs apiece. Can you handle that? It isn't that 
difficult to stay concise and on-topic if you make an HONEST effort for 
a change.

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