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Year 2013

12-25-13:   An additional update, this time to the Obsidian Order pages with the inclusion of SWDAO archives. To find out what that acronym means, go see.

12-24-13:   A wee little update to the Volumetrics page, slashing out the inaccurate NX shuttlepod figures. Hopefully I can get those replaced soon after fixing up the pod model. (I know, not much of an update, but hey, at least there is one! I also have a big blog post and the long-rumored page about the new JJ-Trek's relation to the prime timeline well on the way, so do check in from time to time. Thanks!

01-27-13:   Incidentally, I neglected to mention that the ST-v-SW.Net Weblog is back at a temporary Blogspot home. After blogger killed FTP publishing I'd left it be, hoping that would be my impetus to get the backend work done. That obviously didn't work. So for now, enjoy.

01-01-13:   ST-v-SW.Net is changing hosts after almost a decade. Unfortunately I have nothing new beyond that at the moment, but I hope to make some further (and visible) changes around here soon. In the meantime, follow @STvSW on Twitter!

December 2010

12-04-10:   As you might've noticed, there hasn't been much obvious activity of late. The reasons are manifold, but one aspect is that I am awaiting the next version of Drupal to use as a powerful site backend (and to replace the weblog).  The experimentation referenced below was going fine, but even the most recent versions of Drupal are absolutely primitive when it comes to image handling … “primitive” as in “no better than all the manual operations I was already doing, and actually worse because it slows me down”. The new version is supposed to be superior in that regard, but if this proves to be incorrect I'll seek another option.

The basic rationale there is that whereas I might be able to author a page fairly quickly, doing all the publishing work (here I refer to all the HTML- and image-related activity) simply takes too much a percentage of the total time for a page to get done, and I'd like to both streamline that and make some awesome new features, both for here and for sites like

I'm also going to try to get away from my recent custom of doing mega-page projects.  To be sure, I think the quality of something like the recent Star Wars power generation page or older large pages like the Star Trek ground combat page is what I want to see on the site, and of course you know I love the Starship Volumetrics.  I think that's a lot better work than little one-off pages like, say, the Phasers vs. Lightsabers page.   But at the same time it represents a huge investment of time and energy, made worse by having to find my place and thought process all over again whenever I get back to it (since it's not like I have uninterrupted weeks of time).

In that vein, I've been going back through some old e-mails recently that I managed to recover, and there's an amazing amount of stuff that I've discussed with people through the years that never really materialized into good site material.  I'll be trying to get some of that thrown onto the site when time permits.

But in the end, this is a hobby, and I thank you for enjoying it with me.

November 2010

October 2010

September 2010

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May 2010

April 2010

04-01-10:   There is experimentation in progress regarding some back-end stuff. Images and other portions of the site may be broken for extended periods. Thank you for your patience.

March 2010

03-10-10:   There are now 89 ships and objects on the Volumetrics page. Delta Flyer? Got it. Sydney Class? Got it. Republic Light Cruiser from TCW? Got it. Acclamator and Venator? Like butter, baby. Check them all out here.

But alas, there's also a "mea culpa" to report . . . I've discovered that the ISD volume on the page has been wrong for years. Given how the ISD's shape means even small differences have radical results it's not terribly surprising, but I apologize nevertheless. It is now fixed and as close to canon as I can manage. A few other recent SketchUp-derived volume figures have also been revised as I've grown more used to dealing with both the program and the volume calculation plugin.

February 2010

02-10-10:   The Volumetrics page is updated and improved, with new ships and vehicles (a total of 74). Give it a gander here.

02-04-10:   Unleashing a mega-page upon the world. That old SW reactor page from 2007 has become a comprehensive look at Star Wars power technology. From their fusion reactors to their liquid fuel to their electric wiring and even the overabundance of steam, the power of the Empire gets examined right here.  (And incidentally, in the process of updating the Overview page to reflect the new conclusions, I came across a link to the old Death Star reactors page.  It was amusing to see my point on fusion requiring argument there, given that it was confirmed later when the RotS novelization came out.)

02-01-10:   Been hearing a lot of chatter lately about Trek ship fights not always being long range affairs, which is leading some debaters to try to claim that we can ignore all the long-range examples. That, of course, is absurd, but nonetheless I rewrote the end of the Trek range page to address such nonsense in an addendum. And, finally, updated the Star Wars range page with some SW:TCW info from NoLettersHome.Info. It's not quite as precise as the other SW range material, but it's there.

January 2010

01-26-10:   Having been totally ragged recently about my lack of updates, I decided to go look for something to do. Not only have I been working on the old Overview comparison page, but I also found a page from 2007 or so that looked almost finished. Sadly, it wasn't, but over the past few days I've gotten it closer. So, expect a page on Star Wars reactors soon. In the meantime, enjoy the partial update to the Overview page. I say "partial" because I've been messing with both pages for days and if I hadn't stopped work on one of them I'd have gotten tired of the whole affair.  I'll work more on it soon.  I'll send site use refunds to anyone disappointed in my sanity-over-quality hobby policy.  :-)

December 2009

November 2009

October 2009

September 2009

09-26-09:    In preparation for updates, I've rearranged the Star Wars weapon range page a little. Also, when I was reviewing various pages I realized something was missing from the old 2002 Wong debate page that I'd meant to add a couple of years ago. So, I made a little italicized note with pictures.

August 2009

July 2009

June 2009

06-26-09:   Made a small update to the Archive, of all places, and to the "Strange New World"[ENT1] star article, of all things. In any case, enjoy.   Feel free to also check out NoLettersHome.Info for Clone Wars CGI show tech notes . . . incomplete, but then you didn't expect it to be, did you?   :)  

May 2009

05-04-09:    The Abrams Trek movie comes out this weekend. Some will come visiting wondering what it means technologically for Trek. While I might ponder the new Trek film's tech, spoiled plot details suggest that I will not be doing so in regards to existing Trek canon tech. That is, this film seems to be part of a highly modified timeline, rendering it largely useless for my purposes. But if this thinking changes after I see the film, I'll be sure to let you know. Keep an eye on the Weblog. (Update update:  See these two posts: Before viewing and After)

April 2009

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December 2008

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August 2008

08-08-08:   I was reminded recently that I have made no noteworthy changes to the site in, oh, over a year now*. So, I've been trying to do a little better. I had once been pondering a massive reworking of the site to make use of some of the newer site-construction technologies that would allow a huge number of features and easy updating. However, I reached a bit of a halt when it came to the idea of wanting to convert all the pages over to new scripting and such. So, for the time being things remain as they are. I have, however, done a little bit of rearranging on this page, which hopefully smooths things out a bit, as well as converting to the use of a Creative Commons license (details at bottom).  It's hardly a relevant change, but I like it better.
(* The above having been said, there has been activity on the Weblog in that time, so I haven't abandoned you completely. I'll be sure to mention updates there, as well.)

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December 2007

November 2007

11-24-07:   So, in case you're wondering (and I know you are), I do have a perfectly good excuse for a total lack of updates for the past 5-and-a-half months. More than one, actually. First, I've been helluva-busy. Second, I've been working in my virtually non-existent spare time on what may end up being a massive overhaul of the site. I didn't want to mention it at first, but as the days have ticked by and I've kept noticing that the last update on here was from June, I figured I ought to say something. So here it is. :P

October 2007

September 2007

August 2007

July 2007

June 2007

06-11-07:   Mea culpa. See, way back when on the STrek forum someone whose name now escapes me caught a math error of mine on the Death Star scaling page regarding DS1. And though it seemed like he had a point, something just didn't feel right with the way the math worked otherwise. Part of the problem was simply that the DS1 and DS2 sizes fit elegantly with the conclusion I had, whereas the alternative would force a contradiction. And some of it was just gut feeling. And, too, some of it was sheer laziness on my part, since I tied the matter to the enormous task of determining the scales of Star Wars vessels based on the canon alone (instead of accepting out-of-universe stats like a 1600m Star Destroyer), and that's one project I've managed to procrastinate on quite efficiently. And though I've always said when the topic of the Death Star I size has come up that yes, there may be a problem there with my scaling, I never got around to doing anything more about it.
But at long last, the time has come. And there wasn't just one error . . . there were two. At one point I'd counted three pixels when I ought to have counted as many as five . . . which is a problem when each one counted for hundreds of meters and were being used to scale something else. It was entirely my fault for picking a too-distant image to scale from instead of something better. 
As luck would have it, the two errors cancelled out to within a few percentage points. Sometimes, the gut is right. So, without further ado, take a peek at the revised Death Star scaling page, now with HD shots from ANH (no more 3px scalings for me).

06-06-07:   I've updated with some special treats. For starters, check out the Basics section, where the Screenshots and Resolutions page has been updated with notes about the High-Definition broadcasts of the Star Wars films and what they mean for us. I've also done a quickie update of the stormtrooper armor page with HD TESB shots, and have heavily revamped the ISD bridge tower asteroid collision page, now with almost totally-new images, more than enough to put that long-sleeping puppy to bed. But don't worry, 800x600-screen-resolution-visitors . . . I'm not leaving you behind just yet. :-)

April 2007

04-15-07:   I've greatly expanded the old page on "The Wounded" weapon range example, turning it into a survey of Trek weapon ranges from across the canon. Combined with the Star Wars weapons range page, I thus basically have the issue knocked out. I've therefore made a dedicated comparison page. Enjoy.

04-07-07:   Though I'd tried to be generous with the "To Vaporize a Small Town" page, I finally had to admit to myself that I'd gone too far with that, deep into unrealistic territory. Also, I found something Star Wars based to work from instead of strictly the American small town I'd destroyed initially. So, I've updated the page to account for both factors.

March 2007

February 2007

02-07-07:   I've completed a rather hefty update to the old Star Wars Weapons Range page, which was in pretty bad shape compared to my newer pages. I've kept distracting myself from the Overview update with work on related pages . . . where "related", of course, refers to just about the whole frickin' site. But, stay tuned.  Ah yes, and I've also added more detail to the old Base Delta Zero page, so it should be up-to-date for the forseeable future.

January 2007

01-07-07:   Happy belated New Year. While working on another update entirely I distracted myself with the old warp maneuvering and strafing page. It's now updated with new text, though I'll still have to come back to it at some point with updated pics and more examples. But in the meantime, enjoy.

December 2006

12-29-06:   Continuing my end-of-the-year update-fest, there's a new addition to the Obsidian Order Project. A new site has been added to the list of dead sites I'm resurrecting, and though it's not a Vs. site it's wonderful all the same. See Martin Whiteside's guide to Star Trek physics here. There's a lot there, so it'll keep you occupied for awhile.

12-21-06:   See, I told you I was working on stuff. And not a moment too late, too . . . I'd forgotten how to add a new article in the index below!   So here's a brand new page based on a bit from the RotS novelization entitled "To Vaporize a Small Town". Also uploaded is a page that should've been with the last update, a Tech Archive quickie-article on the Republic Navy before the Clone Wars.

12-17-06:   I finally finished one of the many pages I've been working on creating or updating lately, though the one that's done is more a list than anything, since I'm putting commentary elsewhere for now. In the Tech Archive section, I've added a page wherein we can see the sorts of orders of magnitude that appear in Star Wars scripts and novels. I've also moved a small page on Star Wars chronology into the Tech Archive, as well. Work continues on the other pages . . . right now I'm trying to focus on updating the scandalously out-of-date "Overview" comparison page and related materials. We'll see how much I get done during the holiday season. Stay tuned.

November 2006

October 2006

September 2006

09-24-06:   I've obtained a very high-quality version of "Balance of Terror"[TOR], and couldn't resist going ahead and updating the old page on the topic of the Romulan ship's warp drive and her plasma weapon's maneuverability. Keep an eye on the weblog for a future post with a review of the new effects of 'The Original - Remastered', including some sweet pics.

09-17-06:   I'll be removing/redirecting most of the material on canon arguments from the site in order to focus ST-v-SW.Net on, well, ST-v-SW stuff. We know what the canon is, so while I might provide a very abbreviated overview here there's really no place for it. The canon-related articles are now housed at Check it out!

August 2006

July 2006

07-03-06:   A minor update as I try to get back into the swing of things . . . I've done some rewriting of the Chrono-Volumetrics page to include some new info and enhance readability.  Also, the update below from over three months ago is out-of-date . . . the Weblog is doing just fine.  Go check it out.

June 2006

May 2006

April 2006

March 2006

03-14-06:   My webhosts (Dataflame) evidently had some sort of server problem Monday, resulting in some downtime. Of course that isn't what they said. What happened is unclear, but my site and a friend's site (and presumably all others) on the same shared server were "suspended". The apparently-outsourced tech people claimed I was "continiously uploading the a script" causing "too many http requests form site", refusing to answer my questions. They told the friend a different line of BS regarding her site, but similar in that they made her out to be the perpetrator. Of course no such thing occurred in either case. So, naturally, I'll be host-hunting shortly. Meanwhile, the interface to the Weblog is also mucked up at the moment, so it's fun all around for the home team. I'll be trying to keep my eye on it, but for the next couple of weeks or so I'll be largely absent. Thank you for your patience.

February 2006

January 2006

01-29-06:   Despite my best efforts to find helpful excuses, the new page on Imperial Probe Droids comes across as a damning indictment of Imperial technology and techniques. Check it out here.

01-22-06:   The Weblog is back, stable, and featuring a lot of new material. Further, coming soon is the launch of, which should help this website restore a proper focus from the canon-this and canon-that business (not to mention the use of canon issues as a 'tactical red herring' by opponents). Finally, it is with a touch of sadness that I report the end of Strek-v-Swars.Net.  The original authors have granted permission for the main pages to be preserved here, and these are now a part of the "Obsidian Order Project", which has been expanded to include other sites that have disappeared. If you have any ideas for other "lost sites" that could be reclaimed, let me know.  Finally, a lot of pages are undergoing a "backstage" upgrade.  My old HTML editor would crash anytime you even thought of CSS ... the new one doesn't.  Thus begins the painful task of revising the HTML on hundreds of pages by hand ... but at least when I'm done, I can revise them all with one swift stroke.  You can see the preliminary efforts on the Volumetrics pages or the Trek Ground Combat pages, the first victims of the upgrade.

December 2005

12-11-05:   We've got new statements on Trek canon from Paula Block (Trek's version of Sue Rostoni) along with related updates on the Trek canon page. Also, still no word on when to expect weblog update capability . . . I'm starting to wonder what I did without it.

12-04-05:   An update to the new Basics section: a page on screenshots and resolutions, dealing specifically with the quality of what we have to work with now and in years past.  Also, due to a technical issue with Blogger my ability to update the Weblog is presently disabled.  Hopefully this won't last long.

November 2005

11-28-05:   I've opened up a new section that will eventually contain information on all the basic sort of things relating to the debate that so many people don't seem to know or understand. The inaugural page is a guest article entitled "Volumetrics 101" by 'BHMM'.  I've also updated the Late-2360's phaser page with some comparisons to real-world incapacitation data, with comparisons to new phaser info from DS9.  I've also updated the SW and ST canon pages . . . for the SW page I've added some additional points and upgraded the rank-based quote list. For the ST page I've modified and added to the objections, included some new quotes from Pocket Books people, and have created a new rank-based quote list page (previously only a chronological list was available).

11-14-05:   I decided to go ahead and make a RoTS-related update to the stormtrooper armor page. It's a minor detail in RoTS, but at least I'm making progress. :-) I've also finally updated the widebeam phaser screenshots on the Lightsabre vs. Phaser page. (And incidentally, I'm still reviewing the issue of how 'lightsabre/lightsaber' should be spelled for our purposes.)

11-06-05:   After batting aside another opponent who denied torpedo glow growth, I've updated the page with almost 50% more examples, meaning the idea now has over 200 years of evidence. Of course, I'm sure the rabid opposition will continue to reject the well-proven facts, as always.

October 2005

10-30-05:   First, I've updated the Star Trek canon page to make it conform better to the standard set by the Star Wars canon page. It now features additional Roddenberry quotes and information from Trek archivist Richard Arnold. Second, the Star Trek Ground Combat section has been updated with some new info on the TOS phasers . . . check that out here. I'm also continuing work on the canon novels of Jeri Taylor . . . check out this weblog post, and the other data in the Tech Archives section. Also, in a couple of days E3:RoTS will be out on DVD, which is good: when it comes out I can immediately begin running late on having anything about it. (After all, I have yet to update most of the current pages with material from the 2004 SW Special Editions!   I'm so behind . . . )

10-16-05:   In the midst of updating elsewhere I discovered a new and completed page that I'd never released and had entirely forgotten about. I cleaned it up a bit, slightly updated the related pages, and modified its kin pages to refer to it. So, check out Starship Volumetrics III: Crew Densities here.

10-07-05:   Verily, a new horror is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Visit ST-v-SW.Net: The Store.

September 2005

09-29-05:   And now, Starlog.

09-25-05:   The long-awaited update to the Star Wars Canon Overview is finally published. I won't call it 'done', but it's very close. Take a look at the new Canon page here.

August 2005

08-15-05:   Update to the Tech Archives . . . a page on the Borg, their history, and possible reasons for their increasing expansionism after 2145 and in the 2370's. Also, take a peek at this weblog post regarding future updates.

July 2005

07-06-05:   Lots of mail on the warp ramming, so I've updated the page. Check it out here.

07-04-05:   Happy Fourth of July, and congratulations to NASA on the success of Deep Impact. On an unintentionally-similar note, the latest update also pertains to impactors, albeit larger ones at somewhat greater speeds than NASA has yet achieved. Check out the ramming page here.

June 2005

06-18-05:   The main search page now features Google site-searching, and I've also created a search page for the rather frequently updated weblog.

May 2005

05-07-05:   Finally got around to updating the Obsidian Order pages. After all, the author contacted me in December 2003, so there was no sense asking who the author was or for him to leave feedback anymore. I've also put little headers on the pages to help, if even only slightly, with navigation.

05-01-05:   The "Star of the Strange New World" page has been updated due to info from "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II"[ENT4]. But, before I'd even uploaded it the producer and writer had disavowed it, so the whole thing was quite unnecessary. Nonetheless, the update appears here.  I've also modified this index page, so that a link to appears under the "site minutiae" below.  (It replaces the "Upcoming Projects" link which, alas, was neither well-updated nor particularly followed of late.)

April 2005

04-18-05:   ST-v-SW.Net has an experimental new feature.   Go check out ST-v-SW.Net: The Blog.  (If successful, maybe it'll help keep updates like the one below about the darker side of the Vs. Debate off the main site.)

04-12-05:   The howling from SD.Net regarding the page on the Support Group / Anti-Thinking Tank / whatever has culminated in claims of stalking and theft. In other words, the opposition is just as insane and obsessed as usual. Thus, check out the page update here.

04-10-05:   And the spoilers continue . . . the Episode III novelization quick look has become an overview of the Episode III lesser canon. Parts I and II have been revised, and Part III is now available. Check them out from the revised Part I page.

04-04-05:   Spoilers ahoy . . . the Episode III novelization hit bookshelves Saturday. I've read it, I liked it, and I review it and note its technological implications here.

March 2005

03-31-05:   I've updated the old comments related to the E2ICS given the new info from the e-mail list and some other new data.  The new additions are visible here and here.

03-28-05:   A small update to the Alderaan Shield Fallacy page, and a few comments regarding the StarDestroyer.Net Support Group e-mail list.

03-14-05:   Strangely Enough:   My site symbol, a modification of an old TOS symbol, seems to have become a part of the canon (though I'm sure it's just coincidence). See more here.

February 2005

02-26-05: A very special thanks to my readers: that banner (see note below) has taken care of 3 months worth of ST-v-SW.Net. I'm working on the canon pages, and will try to have them taken care of soon. Also in progress are some wonderful guest articles. Stay tuned.

02-14-05: A happy Valentine's to all. For the next few days the site will be hosting a banner. As always this is a non-profit site and no money is being made by the webmaster, and the banner will depart soon. However, a brief period of participation in capitalism will help keep the site stable. If you're interested in UFOs, ABC, or other acronyms, feel free to take a click.   New material is in progress and will be added as soon as possible.

02-03-05:  On this, the anniversary of "the day the music died", we find ourselves pondering the death of another icon.  Whither Star Trek?  Read here.

January 2005

01-14-05: Happy (Ever So Slightly Belated) New Year to all. As you could probably tell by the utter lack of a December update, things have been busy. Nothing new, though I have revamped the ST Ground Combat pages a bit. Check them out here.

December 2004

November 2004

11-21-04: Well, it's 'only' taken me two months to update one page with new DVD-quality images (eek!). So, without further ado, here's the updated Stormtrooper Armor page, along with additional objections and rebuttals thereto.

11-13-04: I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the newest site on the block. I've often lamented the lack of Vs. sites, but here's an impressive upstart with a remarkable amount of content. Go to right now.

11-06-04: Not much new, I'm afraid. The sale below went nicely . . . thanks to an ST-v-SW.Net reader. Also, here are some updates to the Archive section: a page on the star Archer pointed to as being the "Strange New World" star, and a page detailing the Enterprise chronology from early season one. The latter might be controversial, given the speed requirements.

October 2004

10-18-04: Want to support this site? Well, I'm selling my Star Trek DS9 Seasons Four and Five DVD (R1) sets via E-bay, and each come with a free TOS-cast movie VHS. If you want some great Trek and want to help out a starving Vs. Debater, go take a look. :-)

September 2004

09-25-04: I'm pulling myself away from the new versions of SW just long enough for a brief report.  So begins the arduous task of replacing all these screenshots (sigh).

09-18-04: An update to the SW canon page regarding televised Star Wars past and future, along with an update to the page on the Originals vs. Special Editions now that the rumored SE DVD changes are confirmed. 09-17-04: I will refrain from comment on Poe's indirect reply that was reported to me, except to say that if there's one thing Wayne's good at, it's disgraceful behavior.  The offer is nullified accordingly.  

However, the offer still stands for Michael January's pages, though contact efforts have failed so far.  Also, it appears that the site of Michael "Lord Edam" Griffiths is down, and thus the offer is extended to him, as well.  Last but not least, I offer to happily receive any explanation on why guys named Michael were so overwhelmingly represented in Vs. Debate site-building.

09-14-04: According to reports, Wayne Poe's "Ultimate" Wars vs. Trek site is down, and may not be back per Poe's statements. Though it might seem an odd invitation given our history, I would like to offer to host the Vs. Debate content of the fallen site.  There are so few organized sites out there, and it seems a shame to lose what's left (especially given the historical status of the site, which spawned both Wong's site and my own).  Wayne, you can reach me via Feedback.  (Similarly, the old pages of Michael January seem to flip-flop, and may now be down altogether.  If anyone knows how to reach him, I make the same offer.)

09-06-04: Where to begin?  First, I've seriously monkeyed with the Articles index, rearranging it and putting it in a hopefully-more-easy format.  This is a stopgap measure . . . I loathe frames for a site like this, but haven't found another index format that I like.  Second, the Trek canon page has been rewritten and updated with new quotes (along with a listing thereof), and the Preface has been modified. The Enterprise listings (on the episode listing page) are now current. The Alderaan Shield Fallacy page has been further idiot-proofed (see Objection 2e), and reshuffled a bit. Last but not least, there's a new Archives page on the Setlik III incident and Cardassian infiltration techniques, which grew out of an examination of the Cardassian Conflict (which itself grew out of a coming project regarding Jeri Taylor's Pathways).  Stay tuned.

August 2004

08-19-04: Extensive re-write to the ChronoVolumetrics page.

08-01-04: Updated the "Other Points" page, replacing the view of Farius Prime with a brief discussion on the info on Voyager's computer from "Concerning Flight". Farius Prime now appears along with other cities in a new section on cities from both universes. There's also a new page on "The Doomsday Machine" with a synopsis and a preliminary Q&A on some of the issues about the episode that many Vs. Debaters seem to get confused about.

July 2004

07-16-04: Various updates . . . how to knock out a changeling on the "Other Points" page, some more detail on Lucasfilm structure on the SW Canon overview page, and another disproof of claims of crappy Federation power generation on the Overview page.

07-06-04: Some various updates to the SW canon pages, including Lucas's statement that he doesn't read the novels based on Star Wars.  There's also a new quote list which is placed in rank order. This might help make it more clear who and what company says what.

June 2004

06-29-04: The old page on Insider #68 has been extensively updated, becoming "A History of the ICS Canonicity Myth". See it here.

06-27-04: Wayne Poe has noticed some old canon-policy-related statements from January by Lucas Licensing on the forums. The statements directly confirm the ST-v-SW.Net conclusions on the Star Wars canon policy, and are discussed in detail here. And, regarding the defunct forum, I've also responded to the hysterically silly spin-doctoring efforts at SD.Net BBS here, and improved the Star Trek Ground Combat objections page based on some of the ridiculous claims from the forum.

06-26-04: And so it was that I was reminded of why I never did that before. The full breakdown appears here.  The board will remain up for awhile, but in a read-only format.  Some good idiot-proofing material for my pages appeared, and so I'll be skimming through and appending the pages as appropriate.

06-22-04: What the hell? Let's give it a shot.

06-20-04: Updated the Superlaser Effect section to make use of the corrected Death Star II size, and have made minor grammatical or wording changes, cleaning up numerous pages.

06-16-04: Gettin' senile in my old age . . . forgot to make reference to the update to the Overview page with some DS9-7 info, as well as a comment on the peculiar claim that Star Wars shields have no frequency windows.  Also, see the update to the stormtrooper armor page.

06-08-04: I've updated the Death Star Scaling page (splitting it into two pages for ease of loading), the Volumetrics page, and the Death Star Reactors page, all to correct an error on the size of DS2 that I'd carried over from Saxton: scaling from the Imperial shuttle results in a ~160km size, not ~270. I must also correct some calculations within the Superlaser Effect section and elsewhere, but I'll get to that a little later.

May 2004

05-29-04: Well, before even getting to post the 05-20 update below, the site was the victim of a comedy of errors for a week. Sorry about all of that. Full story here.

05-20-04: Not counting some 12 year old who's been trying to sign me up for spam, every single response has been in favor of continuing . . . and I find myself in agreement. (My hard drive did not, evidently, since it blew itself into magnetic giblets. However, inanimate objects get no say.) Thanks to all of you who took the time to write in . . . I'll be responding to each of you personally. In the meantime, watch this space . . .

05-02-04: Sorry for the lack of updates, or even the slightest concern for this website or the subject matter, that I've demonstrated over the past month. It's been a heady year . . . a lot of drama, emotion, misunderstanding, guarded feelings . . . the prisoner's dilemma . . . a lot of pondering regarding the world and others, all with my ever-present introspection . . . a lot of philosophy and "'meaning of life' stuff" (if you'll pardon the SG-1 reference).   It's all about understanding . . . and the lack thereof.  I fear it's too late now, but like any great tragedy it ends with understanding, if not victory.

As a result, I've decided it's time for "tabula rasa" . . . the clean slate. Rebooting my world, my OS, the whole she-bang.

Which brings me to this site. Honestly, I'm not sure about future updates at the moment . . . I have no plans to let the site die, but with the exception of the mental exercise, the fun of 'tard-smacking, and the practice of my less-than-l33t HTML skills, I'm not sure if it is serving any valid purpose for me. It's made a great idle passtime, but I'm thinking I'd rather not pass time idly anymore.

Which brings me to you . . . what do you think? Send some feedback.

April 2004

04-08-04:  You know, I really want to thank this guy. It's been a helluva year and hellish week-and-a-half, but I was rolling with laughter when I saw that parody of my Death Star scaling page, complete with hysterically-edited pics.  Here's hoping you finish.

March 2004

03-14-04: Additional ships have been added to the Volumetrics page, which now contains over 60 entries.  The page has been rewritten slightly to include info on the "gross tons" mass measure. More importantly, the Star Trek Ground Combat page has been extensively updated. Check it out!

03-08-04: Work continues on the Ground Combat section . . . expect a large update soon. Meanwhile, a reader's assistance has allowed me to update the Volumetrics page . . . the ChronoVolumetrics page will be updated soon to reflect the proper changes. I've also modified the Hull Strength page with the Jem'Hadar attack ship info.

February 2004

02-24-04: Grrr. My new and improved feedback worked only briefly . . . evidently they discontinued something else. Once again, my apologies. All is well now, and hopefully my next update won't be as boring as this one. :-)

02-08-04: Due to a problem with my hosts discontinuing a feature without telling anyone, I haven't received any feedback for the past several days. If you tried to leave feedback and received a server error message, please try again. Also, the site search function has been restored.
Last month saw the site receive some 23,000 unique visitors, which is a new record.

January 2004

01-19-04: After plugging away at it during my increasingly-limited free time, I've finally released a "beta version" of the main event of the DSRP built to house it: the long-awaited Superlaser Effect update
Also, I'd like to thank the many visitors who have sent such great praise via feedback (as of this writing, I have yet to receive anything negative), though after checking my site stats I must ask you to go easy on my bandwidth. :-)
01-02-04: Happy New Year to all, if even a bit belatedly. I've been doing some site polishing, and have made what I hope is a nifty addition. Click on the "Newsfeeds" section below to check out the latest from TheForce.Net and TrekToday, along with the latest Space.Com launching and space mission news.

December 2003

12-14-03: No actual update, I'm afraid, though I have been doing little things here and there. I just wanted to report that, though major work is proceeding, much of my time is being taken up by enjoying some recent DS9 DVD acquisitions. Those of you impatient for updates should consider it research. ;-)

November 2003

11-28-03: The Endor size conundrum, a peculiarity in the DSRP Scaling page, has been solved. The scene Saxton and I both used for relative scaling is contrary to all other shots of the DS2 and Endor.

11-22-03: Since I seem to have turned the Superlaser Effect update work into a huge Death Star Research Project (hence all the SF spin-offs that have been appearing of late), I've decided to go ahead and do it right. Thus, I've created the new DS Research Project index. You'll find two new spin-off pages there, one on Death Star reactor tech and one on the basics of the superlaser beam.  And, as you can see, I've modified the index somewhat.  Let me know what you think.

11-21-03: A rather large set of updates, as I get back into the swing of things after a lovely little vacation. The Trek canon policy page has been updated to include comments on the ST:TMP novelization, the SW canon policy quotes page has been updated to include data reported by "The Furry Conflict" site, and the Overview page has had a minor fix. I've also put TOS in stardate order on the Trek episode list page, and added objections and other details to the Phaser vs. Lightsabre page.  I've also made some graphical enhancements. There'll be more updates to come soon.

11-08-03: I decided to put the finishing touches on an old philosophical rumination I started on months ago, and then left incomplete.  Take a look here.  See also the parody of Poe here.

October 2003

10-27-03: Large objection-set with responses added to the Alderaan Shield Fallacy page. Not much new, really, just old Superlaser Effect fringe arguments collected into an appropriate place.

10-25-03: I've moved the update topic mentioned below to a new, more proper locale. I've also separated out the lunatic ravings of Wayne Poe and my replies, giving his crap a page of its own entitled "Administering Medicine to the Dead, Again".   Seemed appropriate.

10-23-03: Minor update to the Falcon Acceleration objections page.

10-21-03: Another new spin-off of the continuing SF page work: a page on the size of the Imperial Starfleet. I've also amended the Overview page accordingly.

10-15-03: An update to the ST canon page, with an additional quote in the 'Trek after Roddenberry' section.

10-08-03: Updates to the Death Star scaling page, the Overview page, and the Volumetrics page, which now contains values for the Death Stars.

10-05-03: Work on the enormous Superlaser Effect update has continued, spawning a new page on the scaling of the Death Stars.  I've also moved the old SF page off the main index, and to the incomplete/update list (better late than never).  Other various pages have also seen some minor little updates, too numerous (and nothing large enough) to mention.

September 2003

09-26-03: Updated the ST canon page, and the Enterprise rant.

09-16-03: Updated the entries and Quick Reference on the Overview page, with advantages marked appropriately. 

09-14-03: New: A page on the hyperdrive speed observed in RoTJ, grouped with the old AoTC page on a special new Hyperdrive Speed sub-index page.

09-06-03: Updates to the SW canon pages, including additional quotes in the chronological list and a quote-specific argument overview . . . all that is in addition to the various minor updates that have occurred in the past few weeks.  Various other things are in progress, including an update to the Superlaser Effect page.  This is intended to correlate the many arguments that have occurred over the past 14 months.

August 2003

08-14-03 - 08-18-03: (We're here!)  Maneuvers in progress for a site move to a new web host: This site may be sporadically unavailable and/or have certain sections non-functional as I have changed hosts to one that does not suck.  I will be taking the opportunity to do some website housekeeping, as well as playing with the many new toys made available to me by the aforementioned hosts that do not suck. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

08-03-03: A torpedo shield page update, as well as a special link list.

July 2003

07-21-03: See the Enterprise rant, featuring a review of another ranter's ranting.

07-14-03: On the anniversary of the appearance Lucas's "parallel universe" comment in Cinescape, I have finally updated my Star Wars Canon policy overview page. There's more to come on that topic . . . already, there are several additional and related pages attached to the new page. See also the Nemesis weapons exchange tally.

07-04-03: Updated the Volumetrics page, and added a chronological version with fairly extensive chronological notes on the starship classes we've seen. See also the hysterical reader contribution to the Fun Stuff section . . . it will welcome you "with bullets and shoes".

June 2003

06-27-03: Just a wee update: a page with data on Federation starship volumes and surface areas. I hope to expand that to include most of the major ships of the major players of Trek, as well as adding Star Wars ship info.

06-16-03: Pardon my lack of updates . . . things have been extremely busy. Fear not, though, for several major pages and revisions are in progress, some or all of which should appear soon.

May 2003

05-26-03: The battle regarding the validity of I68 continues, and thus the Special Report has been updated. Meanwhile, I've had the Nemesis DVD since the day it came out, and have thus revised the Nemesis observations page, the Nemesis Fallacy page, and the Objections page thereof. Last but not least, I noticed that Nemesis was screwy, and thus I've created yet another page regarding the shields in Nemesis.

05-19-03: I've updated the "Rise" torpedo firepower page, mostly in regards to the objections section. And, I created a special page relating to the torpedo shield glow growth issue.
See also the Special Report on the new Insider #68 quote.

05-17-03: See the new page on the old "The Wounded"[TNG4] topic. Also, I've cleaned up the index a bit . . . I may start toying with new index page configurations soon.

05-16-03: There's a new question on the survey page, and I finally got around to fixing and updating the old Okona page.

05-15-03: I've fiddled with the warp maneuvering page, added some additional comments on the E2:ICS, and sent some more love to Russia.

05-11-03: To Russia, With Love.

05-09-03: Survey says: More surveys. So, there's another site-related one on the page.  If you have any to suggest, let me know via the Feedback page.

05-06-03: Take a peek at my new survey page, and take the test survey.

April 2003

04-26-03: Major update to the Tat-Geo page . . . seems I was wrong, as the landing time could indeed be determined. There's also a new vidcap regarding runabouts and asteroid fields on the "Other Points" page (it is #2).  See also the updated, but still incomplete, AoTC maps page (I'll get the DVD caps of the Jedi Library soon)

04-24-03: New: A page on determining the speed of the "less than a parsec" Tatooine-Geonosis flight in Attack of the Clones.

04-20-03: I finally stopped playing . . . mostly. I've updated the BoB Romulan weapon page (evidently I'd never uploaded the 3+MB .mpg, so I decided to go ahead and make a 380kb .avi out of it and adjusted the page accordingly), and the X-Wing Fallacy page.  See also the still-unfinished but much-improved AoTC asteroid page.  Additions and amendments have also been made to the Star Wars weapons range page.  Newly added is an old page I never got around to publicizing, regarding the Star Trek lightsaber (don't freak out, guys, it's in the "Fun Pages" section, despite being "real").  Also in the fun section, the "What Really Happened at Endor" page.    Much more ahead, as always . . . stay tuned.

04-07-03: Update from behind-the-scenes: 
I've rebelled against the 21st Century long enough. My new PC equipment is en route . . . a massive leap from a P2-350 to a P4-2000, with DVD capability. Expect a screenshot-update-fest (after, of course, a brief break to get all my goodies ported over to the roomy hard drive . . . and some good ole playin' time).
Also:  Finally got back to that Nemesis page update the BoB interrupted, and I've rearranged the Articles list somewhat, making better use of the Minutiae section and moving "Ye Olde Pages" out of the way.

04-04-03: A special look at the destruction of the ISD hit by an asteroid in The Empire Strikes Back, and the arguments of those who claim the ship was undamaged.

04-02-03: Thanks to all the feedback respondents who enjoyed yesterday's little bit of humor. (For those of you who missed the site's new front door from yesterday, the link below now points to it).
Updates: added a page on resolving Star Wars intracanonical disputes, a page on the supremacy of the Special Editions, and updated the "Upcoming Projects" list.

04-01-03: Special thanks to Mike Wong, Wayne Poe, and the entire Warsie gang for inspiring me to close down this site forever more. You were always right, always truthful, and always golden. Hence the new front door. Hey, guys, I love ya.  You showed me the light.  Photon torpedoes are 1 watt flashbulbs, and nothing is more accurate than Curtis Saxton's ICS.  I would weep for the poor Federation fools on all those Starfleet ships who will be so easily wiped out by a spacesuited Imperial with a blaster, but they're evil insidious commies who deserve it, as opposed to our noble Emperor with his majestic destroyers of worlds.

March 2003

03-30-03: Coming Soon: An April Fool's treat, and something big.

03-26-03: An update to the "Survivors" fallacy page, as a part of my plan to begin folding my further presentations of evidence from the BoB back into the main site pages.  (Special thanks to all the SD.Net flunkies for making such idiot-proofing possible.)

03-16-03: At last, the completion of the BoB, minus my final comments. Between the break from the site, other projects, and just the general monotony of pointing out where the SD.Net flunkies would make the same mistakes time after time, I let that drag on much longer than intended. Expect to see the final comments soon, as well as a number of new articles that I've had on the back-burner.

03-14-03: A special thank-you to obsessed opponent John Hansen, whose 15 megabyte text-only tribute page to me has proved useful once again . . . this time regarding round three of the Wong debate, which was missing from Google but present on his page. (It's entertaining to note here that my entire website is right at 14 megabytes, including pictures, movies, and sound files.)  Also:  added "Future Tense" to the warp turning examples.

03-06-03: Numerous minor updates: the warp maneuvering article regarding the "Canamar"[ENT2] prison barge, the Nemesis Fallacy page regarding "Cause and Effect"[TNG5], and the Overview page, deleting the bit about TIEs not having been seen in atmosphere (thanks to GAT for reminding me of them at Bespin).

03-02-03: A small update to the BoB regarding the Base Delta Zero. I've also split the Nemesis Fallacy page and the objections into separate pages. And, to the latter, I've added (yet another) final nail in the coffin of opposing claims.

February 2003

02-28-03: Added: a site search page. It ain't Google, but it's a useful addition all the same.

02-26-03: I've created an Objections section at the bottom of the Nemesis Fallacy (ramming) page, in response to the continuing absurd claims about the Scimitar's shields.  Some people never learn.

02-23-03: A midsize update to the BoB, regarding blasters, the shieldlessness of Alderaan, and AT-STs.  Also a revision of the BoB index.  (Update:  I've also tacked on the X-Wing firepower page, and outside the BoB I now have, for reference, a Trek episode listing by season.)

02-22-03: A special page regarding ramming and shields in Star Trek. Since my break thus seems to be over, expect an update to the BoB soon.

02-19-03: A little break from the break, for Special Guest Author "Alyeska" and his very nice essay on the phaser rifles of Nemesis and similar TNG-era weapons.

02-10-03: A whole week without an update . . . a modern-day record. Pardon my absence, but I seem to have ended up taking a brief break from the site. Will return to it ASAP.

02-03-03: I've been watching the news all weekend, so there's just a small update to the BoB on power generation. I've also created a permanent page regarding the weekend's events (see just below).

02-01-03: Words are not enough to honor the crew of the space shuttle Columbia.

02-01-03: After that huge update to the BoB, I decided to release a somewhat smaller one (some people probably haven't finished reading the last one yet!). ;-) Included are responses to the rabid claims about Nemesis and "Balance of Terror", as well as a brief one about the torpedo shield issue.

January 2003

01-27-03: A new update to the Battle of Britain, this time regarding their "Overview" page. It is indeed a batch all its own, almost half-again the content of the first batch, and on almost every topic. See the huge zeppelin get shot down here.

01-25-03: (Sigh) . . . Wong's at it yet again. This site is not about Wong and the petty efforts of he and his cohorts to wage personal war against me, but it seems that's all they do lately. I have therefore created a new page under the "Junk & Stuff" section to reply to their insanities. Check out the latest entry (and hopefully the last), regarding Wong's legal threats.

01-23-03: Sorry about the week-long absence of updates. I've been trying to catch up on responding to all that SA feedback, as well as the normal e-mails. In addition, something exciting and new is in the works . . . more on that here. There's also been progress regarding the Battle of Britain . . . I'm currently working on the scattergun attack regarding my Overview page. I'll probably release the response as a 'batch' all its own (it's a big one).

01-16-03: Well, the SomethingAwful event netted 53 feedback responses over the past couple of days. Check them out here.

01-14-03: Hehe . . . yes, boys and girls, the site and the entire Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate has been officially recognized as dorky by Thanks for that newsflash . . . we had no idea! :-) A pity they didn't bother to mention the sites of Wong and Poe which are even worse, but they did do a similar rip into Saxton's SW Technical Commentaries back in the day, so it could be said that I stand in august company.  And let's face it, it's nice for the new kid on the block to get top billing in the debate.  :-)
Update:  The person who submitted the site has revealed himself. As expected, it was a debater on the topic who disagreed with my view. Click here to show him your appreciation by visiting his "Robotech" fanfiction and roleplaying site! (Link removed . . . the fellow had a 20meg/day bandwidth limit.  I tried to find a Google cache of the page, but to no avail.  Ah, well. Just trust me, it's ironic that the person running that site would submit mine as "awful".) 

01-11-03: Pardon the slight delay, but the first wave of enemy claims has been shot down.

01-07-03: ST-v-SW.Net Goes To War. Click here for the details.  (Seems yesterday's affront was just cover for the main attack.)

01-06-03: Well, that settles it. Mike Wong is a childish twit, most deserving of the "huge gaping vagina" title given to him previously. Why? As irony would have it, he rigged a redirect script so that anyone clicking on a link from here to any page of would find themselves at "". How utterly fitting for one so huge and gaping.
Since most links from here were part of deconstructions of his many Rabid Warsie lies, I must assume Wong is scared to death of letting his stupidity be bared for all to see. Out of respect for his inferiority complex, I have removed all links to his site except the one above.
Special thanks to the alert reader to e-mailed me regarding Wong's childish maneuver.
Extra! Dropping the Bomb on the lies of Wong, Poe, and their kind. (Sometimes, a man's gotta call a spade a spade.)

01-05-03: Finished up the planned work on the Falcon acceleration page, and made a new place for putting Poe in his place regarding his unusual claims about the scene.  Also updated the "Drake" page.

December 2002

12-31-02: Tomorrow is the dawn of a new year.  May 2003 be a good one, with liberty and justice for all.

12-28-02: Various minor updates, including work on and organizational alterations to the Wong Debate page.

12-22-02: Updates to the Stormtrooper Armor page and the Objections page thereof, including a vidcap of the scene and a look at the bounced arrow using the best screencaps available.

12-20-02: Various updates, including pics on the Survivors page.

12-19-02: Added an observations page regarding Star Trek: Nemesis, among other various modifications (including a new section below).

12-16-02: Added an observations page regarding Star Trek: Nemesis, among other various modifications (including a new section below).

12-16-02: Updated the link color scheme somewhat, hopefully making things more readable.

12-14-02: Additions made to the Blaster Firepower page pointing out the flaws in the common flimsy counterclaims.  I'll soon work on merging the various blaster and phaser pages together, since at the moment data is spread across several pages.

12-13-02: The latest Star Trek film, Nemesis, opens this weekend. My comments regarding it shall appear soon.  In the meantime, an old nemesis has reared his ugly head again, and been smacked down accordingly on this page.

12-10-02: . . . "My Friends, We've Come Home."
Welcome to, new home of the Star Trek Vs. Star Wars Technical Assessment (SSTA).

Several systems "won't be installed till Tuesday", so bear with me. :-)

12-09-02: Updated the "Rise"[VOY] page (aka the ST "Kick Asteroids" page) with a response to another sort of objection, and the addition of a brief detail regarding "Cost of Living"[TNG].

(Note:) I think I missed two pieces of news here. One was in regards to an update to the Site Basics pages, but I fear I have forgotten the other. Oops.)

12-05-02: Not a site update, per se, but I wanted to direct readers (and those interested in the canon policy issue) toward this lovely confirmation of my position on I'll update the canon page shortly to include both this new detail, and the various other data points gleaned from constant discussion on the topic.

12-04-02: Updated the "Rise"[VOY] page (aka the ST "Kick Asteroids" page) with a response to a third sort of objection.  Also, some screenshots from "The Wounded"[TNG] have been added to the Warp Maneuvering and Strafing page.

12-03-02: Laying the 1.02 Gigawatt Fallacy from the non-canon to rest.  Also, I have re-ordered the Articles section (formerly "Contents") into what I hope is a more logical arrangement.  Let me know what you think.

12-02-02: Well, I've gone and done it now. I found Frontpage quite satisfactory when making the Wong debate page, and decided to play and see how the index page would look if assimilated by Microsoft. Looked fine . . . it just didn't work anymore. Frontpage did me the honor of internalizing all the links. Grr. But, all's well now. If you find something odd HTML-wise, though, let me know.

12-01-02: Check out the new "Obsidian Order Project" page. Also, I finally got around to doing some work on the Wong debate page, except for the entirety of round three, which is mysteriously absent from Google. I confess with sadness that I used Frontpage . . . UNIX's Pico is too cumbersome for such large volumes of text, and OpenOffice was giving me sloppy code. :-(
I've also moved the Site History and Upcoming Projects lists to a more convenient spot on the left, to make room for my wordy update reports.

November 2002

11-30-02: I'm in the process of making a new page of prior feedback entries. I'll add more as soon as I get permission from prior posters. I've also added a permission question to the main feedback page.

11-28-02: Several aesthetic updates, including a new front door, banner, "new"/"updated" tags, and page title graphic.

11-27-02: A couple of updates have been made to the Stormtrooper armor page after some awfully peculiar counterclaims came up. I also added a comment about the use of speeder bikes as scout vehicles on the AT-ST page.

11-26-02: SD.Net's Warsie Jihad against my site should be hysterical. My compliments to Ossus and Wong, who finally recognize that the only advantage Warsies have is numerical in origin . . . certainly not factual, logical, ethical, et cetera. Here's my reply.

11-26-02: A new page on the utter futility of Stormtrooper armor

11-25-02: A new page on the AT-ST performance in Return of the Jedi.

11-22-02: A moderate rewrite to the Base Delta Zero page to enhance readability and clarity. Also, some new additions to the X-Wing Fallacy page.

11-21-02: A new addition to the Fun Pages

11-20-02: Added the site updates box to the main index.

Site Pre-history

The Confederate

Way back when, on a friend's BBS, a discussion had gotten started regarding Star Trek vs. Star Wars technology. Specifically, match-ups between the Enterprise-D and a Star Destroyer, the original Enterprise and a Star Destroyer, and so on. Naturally, we concluded that Star Trek tech was superior, though the original Enterprise was thought to require a hefty amount of luck to defeat an ISD.

Time passed.

In The Year 2000 . . .

It was a long, long time ago in a friend's apartment a couple of blocks away. She adored Trek and was talking to me about it. There was someone else present, though . . . he started talking about Star Wars. Soon, he and I were engaged in the classic sci-fi 'versus' argument. The calculations he was spouting sounded impressive, but I noticed that most of his Star Trek data was horribly flawed, and that most of his arguments were based on precarious interpretations of both universes. I held my own, for the most part . . . we argued to a draw.

So, I decided to start hunting online. Very soon, I discovered the old website of Wayne Poe. He'd done cutting-and-pasting and editing of arguments from alt.startrek.vs.starwars, and I recognized most of the claims . . . the apartment guy had parroted such claims word for word. Soon enough I had begun posting at ASVS.

This site was borne of several factors. First, I got tired of having to repeat myself . . . the Rabid Warsies are fond of trying to make you repeat yourself and claiming victory if you don't. Second, I hoped to make a rebuttal site to the many falsehoods of Poe's site. Though I quickly learned that Poe's site was the yipping poodle of Warsiedom, his site was the one I'd come across first, and thus it earned my special attention. Thus, inadvertently, I'd picked a piddly little target. But, hey, I was the new guy . . . having an easy first target works well.

Of course, it remained a sad, sad little site. I was spending most of the time that could have been spent on it at ASVS. I had just a handful of pages, all of them constituting clear evidence that I was doing HTML coding by hand.

2001: ASVS and Beyond Poe

With the fall of Poe's site, my own took a new direction, with the couple of new articles here and there revolving around general theories of tech operation and Trek firepower, instead of beating the dead horse. The theme was still the classic versus argument, but there was no longer a particular target to focus on . . . well, unless you count "Warsie falsehoods" as particular. It's better, though, not to have a particular target in mind . . . you can compare yourself to an opponent, but you can never rise above when you're focused on what's below.

My site as of May 2001 and September 2001, as provided by The Wayback Machine. Mmmm . . . old stuff. :-)

Sadly, it languished in the September condition for some time, a rinky-dink internet backwater. No graphics. No color. Satin-y background. It was ugly. And, after Warsie death threats and attempts to bring harm and harassment my way (no, I'm not kidding), I let it remain unchanged and temporarily abandoned the debate.

2002 and The Dark Project

With the danger eliminated and a brief bout of boredom occurring during the summer of 2002, I decided that my site needed updating. I had some new ideas, more of the canon of both sides in my possession, and had been working on my HTML. Thus, I quietly started modifying the site. Meanwhile, I returned to the debate circles under cloak, so as to avoid the old ad hominems and now-silly threats of the Warsies. Though I changed my tone, the Warsies were behaving in the same old way, and oftentimes worse.

(Indeed, if you look at old posts compared to newer ones, you'll see the old Warsie denizens devolving into hate-filled Rabid Warsies who have long since abandoned reason. Alas, even a few rational pro-Wars debaters have slipped toward Warsie or Rabid Warsie ways.)

Eventually, the cloak was fallen, and the site additions and advancements continued openly. A few old articles have been removed and the overall look has changed drastically, but basically it's just the same old good stuff, only now there's more and it's rendered with an eye to the aesthetic.

Around mid-year, I discovered that the Warsies had been using misinformation the entire time in debates . . . the non-canon they were so fond of quoting wasn't real in the Star Wars universe. Later in the year, I engaged the Warsie's acknowledged "big dog" in a debate, getting the chance to expose the illogic of the Rabid Warsie position.

The site continues, going strong. The Warsie majority remains firmly entrenched, but one faithful harp shall praise the facts.

Thanks for reading!