The Death Star Research Project

The Death Stars . . . enormous battlestations with the power to destroy entire worlds.  The Death Stars are, without question, the most destructive combat vehicles of the Federation or the Empire.  In a matter of seconds, they can do what it would take twenty of some of the most powerful vessels of the Alpha Quadrant the better part of a day to accomplish.  Conceived of in secret, built by the forces of evil, and used as weapons of terror, the Death Stars reign supreme as an awe-inspiring example of Imperial technological prowess.

The Death Stars, if you'll pardon the bad pun, constitute awfully large topics.  What follows is thus intended to serve as an index for the many various Death Star-related pages on the site.  

  Scaling the Death Stars

  The Death Star Reactors

  Superlaser Weapon Basics

  The Superlaser Effect

  DS1 Acceleration: Yavin Orbit Analysis (to be updated)