To Russia, With Love

Prelude, the Original Feedbacks, and Introduction


One day in late February 2003, I was shocked to see that I had 36 feedback responses.  Despite having an average of 200 visitors per day at that time, such a large number was virtually unheard of.   As I clicked through them, I noticed that they were all the work of one disgruntled self-identified Rabid Warsie I'd never heard of before.   Though I do occasionally get negative feedback from someone with a gripe about a particular argument, never had I seen such vehemence with such illogic and in such volumes.

It's difficult to say precisely what he was arguing about.  Most of his feedbacks were short "nitpick-wannabe" comments which might've been able to graduate to full nitpick status if they'd been valid points.  Most of the rest seemed to focus on his efforts to argue with me by use of non-canon materials.

It's even more difficult to say precisely why he was arguing.   As he explained repeatedly, he knew virtually nothing of Star Trek.  One wonders why he would bother trying to correct my Star Trek data as he constantly tried to do, not to mention how he'd ended up at a Star Wars vs. Star Trek site to begin with.   But, nevertheless, with his Russian-language EU materials in one hand and his naughtybits in the other, he came to give me his two rubles on the topic (typing with his nose, I presume).

Words can't really express the flavor of his "arguments", so I'll present a few of them.   

His comments (including any quotes he made of me) will be indented, and in light redNote that I'll have to explain my guess about what he's talking about, since he (A) never referenced which page he was referring to, and (B) sometimes didn't make it clear by context.  (Also note that I was much nicer to him in my reply than I will be here.)

///That is 2.1 seconds, not "a matter of ONE".///
Well, that should be a matter of two seconds, but nevertheless, if you don't bother playing with words, that is impressive.

In the above, he refers to the Falcon deceleration objections page, and my point that Wayne Poe's claimed deceleration time for the Falcon (having been gradually altered from 1/3 of a second (and "probably less"), to "less than a second", and then to "a matter of ONE" second) was still wrong.   Instead of recognizing the fact that about one second is one-half of the true figure (which would effectively double the acceleration), my new friend decided to accuse me of playing with words.

Let's see some cloaking questions discussed at your site.

Note that the above is in reference to my cloaking page.

I am NO good in knowing Star Trek, so I'll have to start with a question.
Is the Romulan Runabout "serial", mass production and wide-use ship, or a mere prototype?
If a mere prototype, then there is a non-canon evidence of the existance of a TIE Phantom ship, which is a fighter-scaled ship with a cloaking device.

TIE Phantoms were, in the non-canon RPG materials, an advanced prototype design inspired by the superiority of Rebel fighters at Yavin (in ANH).  The prototypes, production facility, designs, and so on were all destroyed.  

Somehow my new friend concludes that, not only does this compare to Romulan Senator Vreetak's vessel from "In the Pale Moonlight"[DS9] (and we all know how Senators love riding around in prototypes), but also is sufficient evidence for us to ignore the canon statement of ISD Avenger captain Needa regarding the far larger Millennium Falcon in TESB.  I suppose the re-write would go as follows:  "No ship that small has a cloaking device!  It's a 30 meter pancake!  Well, I mean, no ship that small could have one, except for a recent TIE fighter design that's about six meters long, and thus helluva smaller, and even moreso when you consider the volume.  But, I mean, really!  No other ship could have one!"


Moving on, we come to one of his corrections of my Star Trek data.   In this case, he's arguing with Picard's comments in "Symbiosis" that a certain star's EM effects would lead to disruptions of electronic systems, causing potential problems with the communications system primarily.  The quote from the script is that the crew could "expect an interruption of communications, and potential temporary loss of other systems."

Wong ignored my comments regarding the electronics in the comm system and other systems (in his part of Ossus's attempt to rebut my site (as pointed out in the Battle of Britain section)), and I called him out for it, sarcastically stating:

// Finally, something an Imperial ion cannon might do damage to! //

To which my new friend replied:

Ion cannon would do damage to other systems. Don't say in Trek ships no advanced electronic is present.

One wonders whether the language barrier prevented my new friend from recognizing that I had not said that, or whether it was just basic stupidity.  Of course, the fact that Star Trek ships employ plasma-based power distribution systems was probably unknown to him, given that he is "NO good in knowing Star Trek".

Next, the fellow took issue with my comments regarding stormtrooper armor, specifically the cracked shoulder armor of the troops kicked in the hip and knocked to the ground by Ewoks.

//Note that the Ewoks did not strike the shoulder armor.//
Right so, I will try to tell about the crack.
It seems to me that this crack is a crack of plastic armor of the costume. NOT a crack of the in-universe armor of the Stormtrooper. And this plastic stormtrooper costume may well have been broken durind it's fall. See my point?

The point, of course, being that when something bad is shown, we must fall back to the "but it's just a movie, so we mustn't analyze the parts we don't like" schtick.  I particularly like how he ignores the fact that the scene is not continuous . . . we get the kick off the log, then a shot of the troopers landing and rolling, and then yet another shot of the Ewoks leaping upon the troopers with sticks and stones.   It is the latter from which my cracked armor shot is taken.   If it were just a cracked costume, and if it were broken during the fall, don't you think it would've been replaced by the shoulder armor of one of the fifty other stormtrooper costumes we see in RoTJ if it weren't supposed to be broken?    

//However, given the fragility of Imperial ships (as per the Executor crash, etc.)//
Its is the fragility of the hull, not of the ship.

Oh, well, that settles everything.

//Blasters don't stand a chance by comparison, and never did.//
Well, blasters do not. But who the hell needs blasters? A far mor powerful handheld weapon exists in Star Wars - a thermal detonator.

Ah, of course.  So blasters suck, but thermal detonators (which, by the way, we've never seen actually used) are more powerful.   This is obvious, since no one in Jabba's palace would've been frightened by a mere hand grenade, what with its explosion and shrapnel flying every which way.  Obviously, "thermal" means "thermo-nuclear" or something.  Well, gee, I'm convinced.   

//All SW shields seen to operate within an atmosphere produce a hazy airglow//
All men I saw in my life were white. Why would that mean no black men exist? 

Note how he tries to prove that glow-less shields could exist with a false analogy.   We know people of different pigmentation exist, but we do not know of shielding that does not produce an air-glow.  However, we're evidently supposed to apply our knowledge of pigmentation to shielding questions, and thusly conclude that what is unseen and unheard of must exist.

Oh, well, gee, that's logical.  Let's employ that same concept elsewhere.   

All anuses seen to operate within an atmosphere have not included the expulsion of airborne swine.
All the men my new friend has ever seen were white, but black people exist.   
Therefore, we must concede that people do indeed have pigs flying out of their butt.

( . . . and if that happens to me, I'll be sure to concede the logic of the argument.)

I did not see any "glow" when shielded fighters (that are, snowspeeders and x-wings) were hit. So that seems to be wrong.

First off, we've never seen an X-Wing struck by weapons fire in atmosphere.

Second, the snowspeeders seen in TESB did not have shields.  They are described in the script as "snub-nosed armored snowspeeders".  There is no mention of shielding, not even when "Laser bolts and flak fill the air, creating a deadly obstacle course for the tiny craft", some of which explode when struck by the laser bolts, or are buffetted by the flak.

In the novel, we hear a similar story.  "Something else had invaded the morning air of the ice world—a relatively small, snub-nosed craft, with dark cockpit windows and laser guns mounted on each side. The Rebel snowspeeder was heavily armored and designed for warfare near the planet's surface" (TESB:N, Ch. 3).  The tale of the battle includes no references to shields, but does make additional armor references, as well as several additional references to the AT-AT flak bursts around the snowspeeders.

Although you seem unbothered with lightsabers and Sith powers, I see you don't like the Star Wars canon.
That is, you never saw a Sith deflect blaster shots with a lightsaber. But can you tell me, in what way a Sith wielding a lightsaber differs from a Jedi wielding a lightsaber?

This guy demonstrates the same lack of reading comprehension displayed by Wong and Ossus, who were also unable to grasp the fact that I make no such distinction.   But unlike them, his first language isn't English, so at least my new friend has an excuse.

//Though it's conceivable that the droids were not ordered into the room until additional seconds//
So Nute Gunray said "They must be dead by now" just for fun?

So that does what to the "additional seconds" comment?  Seems to bolster it to me.

//"the million systems of the Empire"//
Do inhabited systems enter a galactic society?

I have no idea what he's trying to say there.

But, he does argue against my hull strength numbers for the ISD by making two most peculiar claims:

Hull strength may be measured totally wrong as the ISD had it's shields on.

Ah . . . so the asteroid crashed through both the shields and the bridge tower.  Oh, well, gee, that helps his cause tremendously.  

Also in ESB, there is a scene where "Executor" easily rams asteroids and shoots them.

The Executor is never seen to fire on asteroids in TESB, much less ram them.  It just wanders about the asteroid field aimlessly while its flanking Star Destroyers get blown to hell by asteroid impacts.

//Moff Tarkin says the Galactic Empire has a million systems in the ANH novelisation//
After that you begin sophisticated talk about the Republic, without even noticing that it's another word.

Since, of course, the Empire did not develop out of the Republi . . . waaaaaitaminute!   And what I was actually commenting on was that an absolute minimum of at least several thousand solar systems out of the million are sure to be populated, as per AoTC.   (I assume all of the million systems harbor a population, though as stated this is not a certainty.)

Well, being kind, and never having had someone respond from as distant a place as Russia before, I collected all of his feedback responses into one e-mail, with my replies.   His response came with extraordinary quickness, and a back-and-forth banter of tremendously huge e-mails (he was more verbose than I am!) occurred for a brief time.  I noticed his sign-up at SD.Net's BBS and instant affinity with the locals in the midst of this.  His first post?  "I think that DS says a lot of crap, and I'm searching for some good answer to his crap."   Well, he didn't find good answers, but he found friends, and it showed in his e-mails as he accused me of dishonesty and stupidity more and more at every turn (though his very first e-mail had contained quite enough of that).  He'd state that I was being or showing whatever anti-me catchphrase of the week his fellow Rabid Warsies had come up with, and even added a few of his own (such as the idea that, because I commonly use the G2k screen name instead of my real name (for what little defense it offers against those psychotic Warsies who post my personal information and call me at home), I don't exist, and am actually a girl).  

Then, of course, after getting all buddy-buddy with the Rabid Warsies and parroting them verbatim, he would then turn around and say that SD.Net was bad and biased . . . go figure.   

(Though, to be fair, he did have an unsightly episode or two with the Warsies (80% of whom demanded a "Village Idiot" title for him) due to his lunatic anti-America, anti-democracy, pro-dictatorship rantings and ravings.   And really, that was a remarkable show from the Warsies, many of whom don't think the Empire is evil.  In any case, they like his signature pictures of stormtroopers with flamethrowers (which bear the caption "Burn, Rebels"), but hate the politics behind it, and yet also don't, and yet also . . . yeah, whatever.  Go figure.  

Anyway, though, that was a month after his e-mails to me.)

His mind having been set in stone from the beginning, I eventually stopped bothering with him.  I saw no point in letting a self-professed Rabid Warsie monopolize my time with arguments not even worthy of response (or re-hashed arguments he'd heard at SD.Net already dealt with on my pages).   So, after he'd e-mailed me a couple of times for a response to his latest 40 kilobyte e-mails, I responded thusly:

>> I hopefully await an answer on my arguments.

You've received them. 

Your continuing insistence to drive toward the most illogical
conclusions is its own answer.

>> If none will come, I consider that you have used WoI [i.e. "Wall of Ignorance", one of their catch-phrases of the week].

Of course you do.

>> With Great Respect, Stas.

Great respect? Not bloody likely.


And I haven't heard from him again.  At least, not directly.


Little did I realize what such a snubbing would do to my new friend.   Though he was always a Rabid Warsie according to his own statements, my Great Satan™-ness begat a loathing of the sort not seen since Wong and Ossus.  Their loathing I can understand somewhat, at least in concept . . . they are ego-driven, and the public smackdowns left their pride reeling.  My new friend, however, seems to have taken the private beating over e-mail just as hard, but in a personal way.

Thus, he's been composing pages designed to counter my own, just like Wong and Ossus.  He's been trying to keep to the canon (albeit with hit-or-miss success), just like Wong and Ossus.  And he also has a lot of stupid arguments . . .  just like Wong and Ossus.   

On the good side, though, he makes pretty decent screenshots.

Instead of making the pages official Vs. Debate pages, though, he's been publicizing them in the SD.Net BBS "Pure Star Wars" forum, where I fortunately happened upon them.   He doesn't have an index page that I've managed to find, so I'll include a link to his respective pages on my rebuttal pages.

So, to extend the "Battle of Britain" metaphor,  we have ourselves a post-WW2 Cold War, though I'm about to turn up the heat.   Hence the (modified) 007 title used for its irony value . . . I'm sure my new friend will love it.


(Note:  I actually debated about doing presenting his feedbacks . . . he did give me posting permission, but the question as asked strictly mentions the feedback content, and not the identity.  However, I've concluded that the nature of the tale, plus his creation of an attack site, both make it morally okay to identify him for stomping purposes.  (Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to link to his site.)  So, it's the exception that proves the rule.)  

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