Battle of Britain

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Lightsabre vs. Phaser

We've all seen it . . . the Jedi ability to deflect blaster bolts by use of the lightsabre. It is, arguably, the most useful thing a lightsabre (properly wielded, of course) can do.

The question of whether a lightsabre could deflect the normal beam of a phaser, though an interesting question, shall not be addressed here. However, there's one element to consider:

Phasers are capable of putting out shots somewhat wider that a lightsabre, to say the least, in multi-short-burst, lateral spread, and conical form. Though there should logically be a drop-off in effectiveness at longer ranges, a limited spread (a la Sisko above) should allow for decent range and power versus a Sith opponent.

Thanks to Lee Kelly for the "The Enemy Within"[TOS] cap, Janet for the "Cathexis"[VOY] image. The other image is from "Way of the Warrior"[DS9].

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