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What follows below is the version of the page as it existed on January 6, 2003.  I have created these back-ups for the sake of historical accuracy, since my site and its pages will continue to evolve long after StarDestroyer.Net's attempted "attack on [my] credibility" is forgotten.

The Alderaan Shield Fallacy

Claims have been made by certain Warsies and pro-Wars debaters that Alderaan was shielded, and resisted the Death Star superlaser for a fraction of a second. Using inflated Death Star firepower estimates, they come up with huge figures for Star Wars planetary shielding.

Now, before the days of the Special Edition, and before it became clear that the fanboy novels were not a part of George Lucas' Star Wars universe, this idea wasn't too bad: "the Expanded Universe suggested planetary shields on well-defended planets; Alderaan was stated in the ANH novel to be one of the most well-defended; therefore, Alderaan has planetary shields."

Support for this contention was found in a frame-by-frame view of the destruction of Alderaan from the original version of Star Wars.

Alderaan appearing to resist the superlaser in ANH/original

Unfortunately, the premise that the Expanded Universe can suggest anything about the Star Wars universe is unfounded and no longer supportable, as per Lucas. Therefore, all we know is that Alderaan is as well-defended as any world, but we don't really know what that means. It could be orbital defense outposts, fleets, ground-to-surface weapons, or a naked guy with sharp sticks.

The Special Edition of A New Hope also removes from canon what used to be support for the Alderaan shield contention. Lucas has made it abundantly clear that he considers the Special Edition, and *only* the Special Edition, to be the one true version of his movie. As you can see, the Special Edition version of the superlaser hit is rather different:

Alderaan hit sequence in ANH:SE

As you can see, the superlaser hit appears to produce a bright flash which appears to increasingly illuminate the clouds, and then the planet starts to go. At no point is a planetary shield observed, or even inferrable.

At no point is the thesis of superlaser deflection supported by the canon Special Edition of the movie. Unfortunately, there are many Warsies who will still argue that it is so.

The screenshots of the Special Edition version were created from a vidcap provided by Mike Wong. The picture from the Original edition also originates with Wong. For a comparison of the two versions, you may wish to partake of the Original Edition version, also.

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