The Battle of Britain

Re: "Photon Torpedo Shielding"

This is actually a reasonable page by Mr. Anderson.

Then why have a rebuttal page against it, except to try to look nice?  

Oh, wait, he has to whine about one of the supporting pieces of evidence for the shield inference:

Some of the evidence is a bit shaky, such as the "no one has ever tried to shoot down a torpedo" claim

Ossus seems to believe that every shred of evidence presented must, alone and without the support of its comrades, conclusively demonstrate that the conclusion be true.  In short, Ossus personally sets the field of logic back two thousand years.

[Editor's note: it does seem odd, however, that he would make a big deal out of it or claim that the idea has been met with "flame and ridicule", since everyone else has been saying it for years.

Where "years" must apparently equal two and a half or less, judging by the original ASVS reaction, and similar comments from the time.

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