The Battle of Britain

A note on the index table

The table presents saved back-ups of the text of my pages as they existed at the time of "rebuttal", as well as my response to that rebuttal.  (Bear in mind, though, that I have not altered any links or backed up the pictures . . . if I change a picture on the actual page, the back-up page's pic will either look funny or simply change.  These are mere copies of the existing HTML documents.)  

I have included the full page titles as seen on my main index page in January 2003 (as opposed to Wong's edited versions) and the titles of the index of the rebuttal attempt.  However, since they mangled the order and left so many of my pages out of their efforts, some of the titles will seem peculiar (for instance, the "...and the related" in the second title below, which ought to have come after a Death Star page).  

This way, you can see what they were trying to respond to, even as my main site and its pages continue to grow.

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